“Tranheuser Busch?”


The public fallout and Brand destruction of “Bud Light” beer continues, with Internet meme’s and all sorts of public criticism.  Sales, though, show the facts: Stunning LOSS of customers, nationwide.

This PLUNGE in retail sales is a direct result of Bud Light hiring a trans-something as a spokes-something.

When I was a Regional Sales Manager for North American Van Lines, I had occasion to speak with R. Allan Brogan, a Senior Vice President of Norfolk Southern Railroad (which owned North American Van Lines) and he told me something I never forgot.   I had to fire a couple sales guys and they were family men.  I had major concerns about firing them BECAUSE they had mouths to feed.  I never fired ANYONE flippantly; to me firing someone is waaaaaay serious.  There was just no hope for these guys, but I still felt bad. R. Allan Brogan told me “Hal, it’s not the people you fire who hurt you the most.  It’s the people you KEEP . . .  but SHOULD HAVE fired, that hurt you the most.”

I never forgot that.

With that sage advice firmly in mind, I can say with confidence that the people who PROPOSED this “Tranny” hire should be FIRED by Anheuser Busch for bad judgment.  The people who APPROVED this “Tranny” hire and ad campaign for Anheuser Busch, should be FIRED.

Their poor judgment is literally destroying the Bud Light Brand and costing millions in lost sales.  Out the door with all of them!

I suspect it’s only going to get worse.

Now, people are going to wonder if any guy they see drinking a Bud Light is a homo.  Worse, people are going to look at any GIRL drinking a Bud Light, and wonder if she’s __really__ a girl!

No normal person wants to be associated with this “Trans” mental illness.   Grown-ups playing “make-pretend” they’re something they’re not.   It’s sick!

Clearly, the people at Anheuser Busch who put this project together have NO IDEA AT ALL who their customers are.    I suspect that very shortly, there won’t BE very many customers anymore.  NOT because customers are “Bigots” but because the Trannies and their movement are deranged perverts.

But . . .

Maybe there is a bright side to this ?????? After all, it seems to me in two days Anheuser Busch has done more to stop drinking than AA has done in 80 years.


2 thoughts on ““Tranheuser Busch?”

  1. Well stated, just like me I have boycotted Coca-Cola for years and will never go back. There is always an alternative. Go with “PBR” My husband loves Pabst Blue Ribbon. Go out and give some others a try and do not go back to BUD. It is time these Idiots that think they are so cute and making a statement for all these nuts with snakes in their heads, have gone too far.

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