Tucker Carlson is no longer at Fox News. I am not sad that Tucker  is no longer at Fox News. I am sad because I will miss his shows. Tucker Carlson is over qualified to work at Fox News. He is too honest, too patriotic, has too many morals and is too Christian.

Tucker Carlson will be back…Richer and more Visible than ever.








5 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX…I’m sad

  1. With Bongino and Carlson gone, I think Fox News is going to lose most of their viewers. It doesn’t have much to offer conservative viewers any more. It will be interesting to see where Bongino and Carlson resurface. Elon Musk ought to hire them and some of the other America First people and start a conservative news outlet. There are a lot of people who rush to it.

    • Good Evening Bill…I agree with you. We need a Conservative news outlet. Tucker Carlson and Rush Limbaugh are the only two I recall who never backed down, they stood OUR ground.

  2. So sad what our country is becoming, no truth, no moral, no laws, no borders. And the sad part about it is that God is not is our schools and homes! Wake up America!!!

  3. As I said in another post, “Keep your powder dry and your guns oiled” We will be needing them. America as we knew it has died a slow death due to the Democrats and the only way we can fix it will not be by the ballot box as that has been corrupted as well. Get ready for a second Civil War!

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