ON MY SOAPBOX…So Appreciative

I am beholden to the readers of Tolley’s Topics. I have received so many emails of concern since the tornadic winds danced through my county and neighborhood on Thursday afternoon. I was terrified. 

I have often heard people who survive tornadoes speak of it as “sounding like a train.” That was not my experience. I felt as if I were in a war zone. The debris that hit my house sounded like gunshots. My husband watched through the window as trees fell. I was scared and hiding in the hallway as I heard him say “there goes another one.” The siding that was torn from the house was continually slapping against the house as it was blown back and forth by the strong winds.

Joe Biden needs to turn off his ridiculous windmills…..Mother Nature does not need any help.

We lost our electricity and internet service during the storm. Both were down in my area from Thursday evening until Sunday evening.

I am very grateful for Lois Lion, the author of The Sphinx. If for some reason you do not get daily posts from my Distribution List, always check tolleystopics.com.

Lois Lion lives in another county. She has kept Tolley’s Topics going for ten years. She took me through my many surgeries, and even three days down time from a tornado, as of this past week.

If Lois Lion ever leaves me, I will be forced to resort to smoke signals….



Best Indian Smoke Signals GIFs | Gfycat

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