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This is simple.  The dems and MSM are trying to divide the White People who voted for Trump.


The Republicans should not vote for anything the dems want, do them like they did Trump ( you ).

The Bee.

The IRS is crooked and corrupt.


The Simon Editor:  Is that your entire article’s subject, LL ?

Get Real Cat:  The entire subject might scare away our new readers, and possible democrat converts.  It’s simple but you have to go a step or two further.  First, believe that most Americans are stupid.  America would be better off with cardboard sports players than cardboard fans.  Touch all the bases, if you want your run to count.

Perhaps the worst part of the video is the announcers don’t know the rules of the game.

Another great example is a popular radio sports announcer spending the weekend with her aunts and uncles.  After two days she felt tired and listless, until her aunt mentioned the DECAFF coffee they were drinking.  You have to ask that all important second question, is it decaff or caffeine.

This is maybe my favorite example.  The Capitol Police are controlled by the HOR and Senate ( at the time of the peaceful demonstration the controllers were Nancy Pigleosi (HOR ), and Chuck Schumer ( Senate ).

The entire police agencies at the Capitol, DC ( Mayor Bowser ), and surrounding properties were and are incompetent Democratic shills.  They were probably falsifying reports on Trump and painting BLM mottos on public streets.

Do you ever wonder what was hidden relating to 9-11 ?  I think this slow response was planned to make Trump look bad.

Chicago is a Democrat death trap for Black Americans.  There is no outrage from any Democrat or Black Democrat—it’s political.

Our American Educational (indoctrination) System

“Y’all come on in. Get yourself an Amurican education. We damn garantee ya when you  gradiate….you will get a deploma or dugree that sez you are smart. We done scratched cursive writing from our kurriculum and we are about to take away math and all tests.”

-Perfesser Tolley-

Comstock Covered Bridge

07-04-01 – Comstock Covered Bridge Built in 2011 in Middlesex Co. CT Spanning Salmon River on Bridge St – 1 span, 80′ long, Howe trusses

The first bridge at this location was built in 1791. The crossing was once part of the Colchester and Chatham Turnpike chartered by the Connecticut Legislature in October 1808. In 1873, the Town of Colchester voted that the bridge over Salmon River be rebuilt and the Town of Chatham approved the project. The Howe truss covered bridge was built at a cost of $3,958.59. In 1915 a bill was introduced in to the state legislature to transfer maintenance of the bridge from the towns of Colchester and Chatham (as East Hampton was known at the time) to Middlesex and New London Counties since the road was becoming a state trunk line. Ownership remained with the towns until the bridge was bypassed in the 1930s. In 1937-38 this bridge was rebuilt by the Civilian Conservation Corps using weathered boards from old barns. The wooden gates were added at this time. The old structure was dismantled and a new one was built in 2011 using some of the timbers from the previous covered bridge. The site is part of a state picnic area. Although some sources list the bridge as in East Hampton and Colchester, the town line is east of the river at this point making the bridge entirely in East Hampton.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Eclipse on the Water
Image Credit & Copyright: Elliot Severn

Explanation: Eclipses tend to come in pairs. Twice a year, during an eclipse season that lasts about 34 days, Sun, Moon, and Earth can nearly align. Then the full and new phases of the Moon separated by just over 14 days create a lunar and a solar eclipse. Often partial eclipses are part of any eclipse season. But sometimes the alignment at both new moon and full moon phases during a single eclipse season is close enough to produce a pair of both total (or a total and an annular) lunar and solar eclipses. For this eclipse season, the New Moon following the Full Moon’s total lunar eclipse on May 26 did produce an annular solar eclipse along its northerly shadow track. That eclipse is seen here in a partially eclipsed sunrise on June 10, photographed from a fishing pier in Stratford, Connecticut in the northeastern US.

Tomorrow’s picture: Supercell Sunday