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ON MY SOAPBOX….On the rocks



I have never been to an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meeting because I am not an alcoholic. I have drank myself to the point of being giddy so many times I cannot count them. I have appointed myself as my own Designated Driver before DD was even a real job title. I have experienced so many  hangover headaches and sworn off alcohol more times than politicians have lied. Enough about my confessions.

I have seen enough movies to know that if I did go to an AA meeting, I would be expected to stand and say…”Hello, my name is Sheila” and the Professional Drinkers in the crowd would be expected to chant…”Hello Sheila.” This is the same crowd who cannot wait on the class to end so they can race to their favorite seat at the neighborhood bar. 

I am thinking that perhaps there is another confession I should make public. When I get real depressed, I like to drag out my old reliable 1958 copy of Webster’s New American Dictionary. (That is a lie, but I did get it off the top shelf in order to write this post.)

I have heard the word White Supremacist so much, I wanted to decide if I am one of those terrible creatures. Oh well, since White Supremacist does not even exist in this dictionary, I will try the next edition….Nope, not here either.

I will just go to the root word “supreme” and check that out. I know what Root Words are because when I attended school, we were taught HOW to learn, not WHAT to learn. You remember? Back when you could have an opinion and debates without being shot or have a group of fools burn down your school in a PEACEFUL protest.

It turns out that supreme means: Most Excellent.

Have you ever gone to a ball game and cheered for your team to come in second? Have you ever watched the Miss America contests and hoped that your state representative would be runner-up? Have you bought many Power Ball Lotto Tickets just because you wanted to hit that one red number? Of coarse your answer is NO to all these questions.

Well, I shall file my trusty old dictionaries back in their place on my top shelf.

I looked in the mirror to confirm my suspicions one last time. I am still white. I have always TRIED to be the Most Excellent. Therefore, I am a White Supremacist.

I like the term Supreme Court. We could WOKE it up and call it the Court Of Equity?

No thanks. I prefer for the highest court in my country to be The MOST EXCELLENT. But what do I know…..I just confirmed that I am a White Supremacist.

I do have some questions. Why doesn’t obama call himself a Black Supremacist? I guess he is content being less than the most excellent. Then we have the Idiot mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot….who refuses to speak with white reporters. She is also a Lesbian. She can check three boxes all by herself. Black Supremacist, Lesbian and Racist.

Questions. One seems to always lead to more with me.

Why do they call it Alcoholics ANONYMOUS…when the first thing I would be encouraged to do is stand up and tell all those drunks my name?

Life is just too complicated. I shall go and make myself several….


Salted Caramel White Russians - a unique twist on a classic cocktail.




Wells Fargo has been a criminal enterprise for years.

China is big business–for Congress and the Bidens.

The commentators in sports and politics should just shut up.



DeSantis is good for business & vacations.


The Business Editor:  Are companies taking care of people, LL ?

For Sure Cat:  It depends, take this info from 1953 for what it is worth.

Generally speaking businesses will do what ever they can get away with.  When the government is in-bed with the business the public is doomed.  Here is a company doing business in China, from a few years ago.

Apple finally installed suicide-nets to catch the jumpers.  They had to do away with the Bingo games picking what squares the jumpers would land on.

Amazon is another large company that forgets about needs of their employees.

Business can be complicated if fools are in charge.  These rentals need more security systems than Pigleosi’s Mansions.

Mones, mones, get your hormones here.

This is a warning,  If you couldn’t have an abortion, you might have been a birthing person who birthed a racist.