The Biden’s are off limits concerning the ” N ” word.  The Main-Stream-Media is an arm of the Democrat Party.


Cicadas invade Biden’s Press Plane, and cause a delay.  The flight crew had to view ID’s to determine who was who.

The Democrats can just walk over to the Chinese Embassy.


Put this woman in charge of the border.

America is to blame for everything.


Gavin is working on the people’s interest.

This video, filmed at Miley Cyrus’ house, should dispel any doubt whether cats or dogs are more stealthy and graceful.


The Wild Animal Editor:  What is going on with animals, LL ?

One Thing Cat:  Beware of sharks in the ocean.  Also, beware of wolves and bears if they are near you.  Always store food in a sealed container.  Bears can kill you.  The only animal meaner than a mother bear is Nancy Pigleosi.

This is a follow-up on Major, Joe Biden’s dog that bit a couple of Democrats at the Brown House ( breaking news ).  Trump hired him to help with the 2022 election.  We left Major on Bourbon Street in New Orleans protecting Hunter Biden from Cocaine.  Here is a short video of him on duty.

Major enjoyed a visit to the beach.

At times he will follow Hunter to keep him Cocaine free, and to pick up other computers at almost every pawn shop in Delaware.  One important job is to keep Hunter ” whore-free ” because Joe can’t remember his current grandchildren.  This video shows him making his rounds.

The porpoises told Major that the Manatees are being poisoned.

These could be a crunchy treat.

Some of our loyal readers might remember that Target had a minor-flap over naming plus-size clothes as Manatee gray.  They changed the name to Hillary Gray.

For Hillgal.  This is to remind our loyal readers of the happy days, which will return before you can take a Saudi Bribe.


PAY ATTENTION, LEARN – 12 Second Golf Lesson