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Maybe our companies and democrats should stop worrying about Trump and fix their respective computer systems.  This crap wasn’t happening under Trump.  Why ?

Blacks are hating Asians, and other NBC news.


The Murdaugh Diaries.

China is looking for trouble.


I don’t know how race, ethnicity, transgender, or adults are defined anymore, but one-third of ONE percent are members of the aforementioned.

Be careful what you put on your company phone.

The pandemic is over.


I ran across this article from the 2000 election, and others.  With a new Prime Minister in Israel it might help to know the three branches of Judaism.–gaza-n2591068

Kamala and Joe hire a personal trainer to help dance around or step over the questions that Psaki can’t circle back on.


The Hopeful Editor:  Are the usual suspects at it again, LL ?

The For Sure Cat:  They sure are. AOC has forgotten about her Abuela , and said Justice Breyer should retire from the Supremes.

Apple wants a bigger bite out of you and your family.

Kamala is a failure.

This seems like a lot, but I bet it is statistically insignificant compared to the billions of deliveries they make.  The same is said of the few hundred people who have vaccine side effects. It’s like death, it’s only really important if it is you.

Why would the G 7 declare China a security threat, keep buying everything from them, but not condemn their use of slaves ?  So the USA will keep defending the about 30 countries through NATO.

G 7 news.

Annie always gets two songs.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Devil Horns from a Ring of Fire
Image Credit & Copyright: Madhup Rathi

Explanation: Atmospheric refraction flattened the solar disk and distorted its appearance in this telescopic view of an Atlantic sunrise on June 10. From Belmar, New Jersey on the US east coast, the scene was recorded at New Moon during this season’s annular solar eclipse. The Moon in partial silhouette gives the rising Sun its crescent shape reminding some of the horns of the devil (or maybe a flying canoe …). But at its full annular phase this eclipsed Sun looked like a ring of fire in the heavens. June’s annular solar eclipse followed on the heels of the total lunar eclipse of late May’s Full Moon. Of course, that total lunar eclipse was a dramatic red Blood Moon eclipse.

Tomorrow’s picture: light-weekend