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V-PINO Kamala Harris suffered through a 5 hour lay-over on her way to California today. She paused “Out In The West Texas Town Of El Paso” for a short spell in order to evaluate the conditions of the epicenter of the border invasion, 800 miles away, in Rio Grande Valley.

PINO Biden thanked V-PINO Harris for reminding him to mention the terrible tragedy   in Miami, as it had slipped his feeble mind yesterday. Rest assured, if PINO Biden can make it up the stairs of Air Force One…..he will be visiting Butler, Georgia in order to evaluate the damage of the building collapse in Miami, Florida.

I hope you did not miss the GHOULISH WHISPERING segment of PINO Biden’s  recent press conference. If so, just watch Jack Nicholas in The Shining.


Jack Nicholson | Jack nicholson, Jack nicholson the shining, Horror movies

What a pair we have as #1 & #2 in America.

Creepy Joe and Cackling Kamala.

God help us.



America can’t get parts for our Nuclear Submarines.  It’s been going on for over 8 years.

Biden is a sham President.

Our readers in the Northwest should be careful.


Who approves the graffiti on public streets ?  For our younger readers, this is called burning rubber.

Until criminals are punished, we need more abortions.  Maybe we could have an abortion day the first of every month.


I think this is mistreatment.  The dog’s hair looks worse than Whoopie’s.

A race-norming treat.


Update This Editor:  What are some goodies going on, LL ?

News Cat:  Will Blasio be moving to CNN ?   Here is Lightfoot’s CHICAGO.  KEEP VOTING DEMOCRATIC.

Missouri’s Governor is fighting Commie Joe.

Oregon’s businesses should be leaving by now.

The Radical-Liberal-dem-MSM feces is getting old.

California can’t even successfully sell Marijuana.

Fauci and the media lied.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Andromeda in a Single Shot
Image Credit & Copyright: Miguel Claro (TWAN, Dark Sky Alqueva)

Explanation: How far can you see? The Andromeda Galaxy, 2.5 million light years away, is the most distant object easily seen by the unaided eye. Other denizens of the night sky, like stars, clusters, and nebulae, are typically hundreds to thousands of light-years distant. That’s far beyond the Solar System but well within our own Milky Way Galaxy. Also known as M31, the external galaxy poses directly above a chimney in this well-planned deep night skyscape from an old mine in southern Portugal. The image was captured in a single exposure tracking the sky, so the foreground is slightly blurred by the camera’s motion while Andromeda itself looms large. The galaxy’s brighter central region, normally all that’s visible to the naked-eye, can be seen extending to spiral arms with fainter outer reaches spanning over 4 full moons across the sky. Of course in only 5 billion years or so, the stars of Andromeda could span the entire night sky as the Andromeda Galaxy merges with the Milky Way.

Tomorrow’s picture: pixels in the Sun