V-PINO Kamala Harris suffered through a 5 hour lay-over on her way to California today. She paused “Out In The West Texas Town Of El Paso” for a short spell in order to evaluate the conditions of the epicenter of the border invasion, 800 miles away, in Rio Grande Valley.

PINO Biden thanked V-PINO Harris for reminding him to mention the terrible tragedy   in Miami, as it had slipped his feeble mind yesterday. Rest assured, if PINO Biden can make it up the stairs of Air Force One…..he will be visiting Butler, Georgia in order to evaluate the damage of the building collapse in Miami, Florida.

I hope you did not miss the GHOULISH WHISPERING segment of PINO Biden’s  recent press conference. If so, just watch Jack Nicholas in The Shining.


Jack Nicholson | Jack nicholson, Jack nicholson the shining, Horror movies

What a pair we have as #1 & #2 in America.

Creepy Joe and Cackling Kamala.

God help us.

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