Beautiful Downtown Portland

“I’ll bet you can order a large plywood-framed copy of this photo to display on your living room wall. The title is….BIDEN BUILT BACK BETTER…in case you wish to do a Google Search.”
-Sheila Tolley-



Wanted: A reliable Shaman or witch to remove curses from Airplanes–reply to Boeing, Seattle, Washington, USA.




This isn’t new.  Calling White Americans supremacist started under Obama and continues today.  Listen to Joe’s Cabinet Secretaries.  The generals are racist.

This person would make a great New York Mayor.  Stacey Abrams would be great for Atlanta.  The BLM founders could be financial officers.


Texas is doing great.


The Federal Reserve ( 12 private banks ) can’t raise interest rates without increasing interest on the 30 TRILLION NATIONAL DEBT, so they have gone into the WOKE BULLSHI* business.

America doesn’t need Republicans who vote with lying Democrats/MSM.


This should freak out the commie-libs.

This could build a big fence.


The Isolated Editor:  I thought we did a fence article, LL ?

Fences/Walls Make Good Neighbors Cat:  We did, but I can’t resist the urge to point out the lies of the dems/libs/media.  I enjoy this one in particular because the BLM co-founder took enough money to buy 4 houses, and is now making them riot proof with fences and walls.  It will take a big person to replace her—Stacey Abrams is a good choice.

This is for our new readers.  Walls & fences work for the rich, politicians, and sensible people.  Do you leave your door unlocked ?

Many Yorkers seem to be moving to the Big Sky Country.  Leave those Liberal ideas in New York.

The radlibs in New Jersey don’t have the courage to face a few irate calls.  I doubt if walls will save them.  A famous person once said, ” If you are for everything-you are for nothing. “

Check the comments on this liberal Dung Beetle.  Scroll down a few lines.

Atlanta is breaking up into smaller cities, to get laws enforced.  ( lets see where Mayor Bottoms ends up )

A read bump.

Saving Abuela ( Spanish for Grandma ).




Image result for soapbox free picsWRITTEN BY: SHEILA TOLLEY


Three score and ten years ago, my Mother brought forth into this world, a new baby…… Me……All I can say at this point is, “What A Ride!”

I wore…Go-Go Boots, Saddle Oxford and Penny Loafer shoes, Bell bottoms, Tie-Dye T-Shirts, Mini-skirts, Maxi-skirts, Tight Sweaters, Bulky Sweaters, Mood Rings, and Love Beads.

I owned a Barbie Doll, Black Light & Glow in the dark posters, Old Maid Cards, Slinky, Lava lamp, an Ouija Board, Pet Rock, Nancy Drew Books, Paper Dolls, Puzzles, an 8X10 Glossy Picture Of Elvis and a Rubik’s Cube.

I have modeled so many hair styles….including, but not limited to…..Teased & Sprayed, Flat & Dippity-Dood, Layered & Wind-Blown, Curly, Straight, Long, Short, Frosted, Tipped, Colored, Bleached and Streaked.

I have survived Hair Ironing, The Twist and Limbo, Ear Piercing, Fake Nails, Blind Dates, Jumping off the Flat Shoals Bridge and using a shampoo called “Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific.”

I have driven behind hundreds of vehicles whose bumper sticker bragged about what they had on board (Baby On Board) while hundreds of others told me when they applied their brakes (I Brake for Unicorns, Railroad Tracks, etc). We all remember the most disgusting bumper sticker from yesteryear, the one that was eventually banned because it informed us that SHIT HAPPENS. Not to be outdone, the bumper sticker genius’s replaced it with Doo Doo Happens. My Other Car Is A Porsche, Mercedes, etc., remember those? Of that group, I liked the bumper sticker that read “My Other Car Is Also A Piece Of Junk.”

I have lived through Segregations, Integrations and  Liberations. I watched as a Gold Metal Olympic Winner morphed from  Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn Jenner. I have wondered how Elizabeth Warren could be a part-time Native American and  a Caucasian woman, Rachel Dolezal, could trick the NAACP into thinking she was an African-American.

In my America, I have watched as massive demonstrations take place in defense of Gun Control, Defunding The Police, Abortions, Illegal Immigrants, Women, African Americans, Animals, LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter and Muslims. In fact, there are only two groups that are not defended in America today…..

White Men and White Rats.

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