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Murder & Treason

“I am one of those Bottom Line kind of people. Covid 19 caused death, destruction, suicides, economic collapses, interference with the 2020 presidential election, etc.

EVERYONE involved in this scheme and cover-up is guilty of MURDER & TREASON. They need to be arrested, tried, and punished accordingly.”

-Sheila Tolley-  



Good luck to Kamala in El Paso.


Every freedom loving American should thank Mitch McConnell for keeping this POS off the Supreme Court.

Everyone has had over a year to realize that Biden, Fauci, and the CDC are toads for the Dems.

It’s my understanding that mail boxes are Federal Property, located on state right-of-way.


I’m not sure America will make it until 2024.  America is like the collapsed building.


Aren’t Olympic participants tested for mental stability?

Biden protects us from legal gun owners.


The Democratic Sanctuary State/City Plan for years has been to get illegals to vote in local elections, get drivers licenses, get jobs that require certification at the state level, etc.  The next step is voting in national elections.

Portland is still in free fall.  They are advertising for tourist.

A bull repeat.


The Tokyo Editor:  What is the Olympic news, LL ?

Three Kilogram Cat:  That would be about 6.6 pounds.  Here is some early Olympic history.

Having naked contestants might improve the game.  It could be like the naked Earth Day bicycle event in San Francisco.

Socializing will be discouraged, there will be no free condoms.

I like to use SCIENCE to classify contestants—X X means you are female—X Y means you are male.

You can start messing with chromosomes with drugs and other procedures, but it doesn’t change your sex.

The Sphinx supports no, drugs, sex changes, or other things to change XX-XY.  This person would compete as a male.

In 2012 there was an even more controversial event.  Once you make an exception, people will be cutting off and adding all kinds of things for an edge.  Pistorius was born with a disability, but my point is artificial enhancements changes the nature of athletic competition.

It’s a small world.  The executive producer of this movie was Dodi Fayed–killed along with Princess Diana in the car wreck.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Dancing Auroras of Saturn
Image Credit: NASA, Cassini, VIMS Team, U. Arizona, U. Leicester, JPL, ASI

Explanation: What drives auroras on Saturn? To help find out, scientists have sorted through hundreds of infrared images of Saturn taken by the Cassini spacecraft for other purposes, trying to find enough aurora images to correlate changes and make movies. Once made, some movies clearly show that Saturnian auroras can change not only with the angle of the Sun, but also as the planet rotates. Furthermore, some auroral changes appear related to waves in Saturn’s magnetosphere likely caused by Saturn’s moons. Pictured here, a false-colored image taken in 2007 shows Saturn in three bands of infrared light. The rings reflect relatively blue sunlight, while the planet itself glows in comparatively low energy red. A band of southern aurora in visible in green. In has recently been found that auroras heat Saturn’s upper atmosphere. Understanding Saturn’s auroras is a path toward a better understanding of Earth’s auroras.

Tomorrow’s picture: paper moon eclipse