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ON MY SOAPBOX…Use it or lose it

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If you don’t use it, you lose it. I remember that slogan from my youth. I never believed it until I started receiving my Senior Discounts, but I sure believe it now.

Old Father Time and Mother Nature work as a Tag Team. They sneak up on us. That is why we must keep moving or Greedy Father Time will steal our mobility.

One day Marvin Gaye was telling me what he Heard Through the Grapevine,  The American Breed wanted to Bend and Shape me while Johnny Nash wanted to Hold Me Tight…the next day, it seems, I was getting Senior Citizen Discounts from The Cracker Barrel. I hesitate to enter The Cracker Barrel now, my Class of 1969 group picture may be hanging on the wall in one of those old antique frames, with all the other relics.

We have all witnessed the overwhelming onslaught by Social Media. We are losing our ability to have real, face to face, conversations.

Now cursive writing is a victim of Progress. Supposedly, there is no need to learn  cursive writing any longer since written communications have been replaced by a keyboard. I will miss the art of cursive writing.

Many years ago, a group of people in South Georgia began the process of having a portion of land become incorporated into a township. The gentleman who filled out the paperwork was not an artist, he was just a country gentleman with the will to help with the project.

He completed, with his best cursive ability, all the essential paperwork needed to create a town in South Georgia. It happened….Fort Valley was officially incorporated to become a town.

You may ask yourself, why is there no fort in Fort Valley? It is because the penmanship was erroneously interpreted. Fort Valley was meant to be Fox Valley. It was too much trouble to change all that paperwork, so they left the town’s name, as it was wrongly interpreted, Fort Valley.

I find that quite sad. Was it poor penmanship or a lazy reader? I would bet there were more foxes than forts in the valley. Especially since there were zero forts.

So….in the name of progress, we eliminate cursive writing from our educational system. Why shouldn’t we?

Well, first and foremost, our Constitution is written in beautiful cursive penmanship. The Constitution is the Law of our Land.

Who will interpret the cursive legend for future generations? My guess is…. no one.  We are already trying to kill our Constitution by making it a living (changeable) document. We have allowed our Constitution to be questioned, ignored and abused and if we are not diligent in its preservation, it will eventually become disposable.

I would bet all the gold in Fox Knox on that!




Here is a helpful hint.  If you drive a vehicle with any part higher than 14 feet check your machine.  This is in DC, so it is the responsibility of Nancy, Schumer, and Mayor Bowser.

Here are some specifications for our democrat readers.

On Interstates, the clear height of structures shall not be less than 16 feet (4.9 meters) over the entire roadway width, including the useable width of shoulder. In urban areas, the 16-foot (4.9-meter) clearance shall apply to at least a single routing.Oct 15, 2014


Send this bum packing—probably to Netflix.   He will replace Feinstein.

The Liberals ARE crazy.  I think Joe did pay Hunter’s slut bills.


This is funny, the rules don’t apply to Liberals, Democrats, or MSM Dung Beetles.  They all smell.

The Armed forces need more creepy entertainers.


This family wouldn’t rank in the top 100 of lying, deceit, and corruption when compared to the families of Clinton, Cuomo, Blasio, Pigleosi, Nadler, Schiff, The Bidens, Maxine, Omar, Tlaib, Pressley, Feinstein, Kamala, Newsom, Whitmer, AOC, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Hirono from Hawaii, Tracey Abrams, Bernie Sanders, BLM, Antifa, National Public Radio, The Southern Poverty Law Center, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post, Disney, CNN, Comcast, Apple, AT&T, Bowser from DC,  etc.

This is what the scum politicians and companies listed above have created.


The Helpful Editor:  Wut’s up, LL ?

The Good Samaritan Cat:  I like to help our loyal readers when I can.  Here is a tip for Juan Valdez.

After seeing  muchos trucks hit by trains, maybe we need pilots like the ones that guide ships into ports or the ones that drive cars over long bridges.

THE:  I get the same feeling when I see a Democrat on TV.

Here is an OTHER.  Every day school teachers and administrators screw-up-BIGTIME.  Many need to be replaced with monkeys.  There must be qualifications listed somewhere in the local districts.  They need to be sent to reeducation camps in China.

These are great.

Here is what Kamala is doing.


The times that we live.  I had to get these out of my computer before Amigo saw them.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Image Credit & Copyright: Wang Letian (Eyes at Night)

Explanation: These two panels, composed of video frames made with a safe solar telescope and hydrogen alpha filter, show remarkably sharp details on the solar disk and giant prominences along the Sun’s edge on June 6 (top) and June 18. Taken from Beijing, China, they also show a transit of the International Space Station and China’s new Tiangong Space Station in silhouette against the bright Sun. The International Space Station is near center in the bottom panel, crossing the solar disk left of bright active region AR2833 and below a large looping solar filament. The Chinese space station is below solar active region AR2827 and right of center in the top panel, seen as a smaller, combined “+” and “-” shape. The pictures of the transiting orbital outposts were taken with the same equipment and at the same pixel scale, with the International Space Station some 492 kilometers away. The Chinese space station was over 400 kilometers from the camera.

Tomorrow’s picture: ring around aurora