ON MY SOAPBOX….Hold on, please



This is one of many true stories of mine about aggravating calls. I know you have also been the recipient of some of their irritation. It is the penalty we pay for modern communication devices and outsourced jobs.

“I LOVE the following meme. After I bought my car…..I got SO many calls about the expiration of my extended warranty, although I had never purchased an extended warranty. When that did not excite me to their satisfaction, they started calling me about oil changes.

I could obviously tell the call was not from an American, so I asked, “Where are you calling from?” She replied, “I am calling from India.” I said, “Hold on please, let me ask my Daddy if I should take my car all the way to India for an oil change.”

“Hello, are you still there?” (At this point, she is obviously trying to quickly explain that she did not mean I would bring the car to India…so I had to rudely talk over her.)

My Daddy said, “HELL NO, have you lost your DAMN mind? You can’t sling a dead cat without hitting a Maxi-Lube from the front yard.”

I wonder why those people from India always hang up on me? I never get the chance to ask if she has one of those little red dots on her forehead or if her family owns a Dairy Queen.