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ON MY SOAPBOX….Hold on, please



This is one of many true stories of mine about aggravating calls. I know you have also been the recipient of some of their irritation. It is the penalty we pay for modern communication devices and outsourced jobs.

“I LOVE the following meme. After I bought my car…..I got SO many calls about the expiration of my extended warranty, although I had never purchased an extended warranty. When that did not excite me to their satisfaction, they started calling me about oil changes.

I could obviously tell the call was not from an American, so I asked, “Where are you calling from?” She replied, “I am calling from India.” I said, “Hold on please, let me ask my Daddy if I should take my car all the way to India for an oil change.”

“Hello, are you still there?” (At this point, she is obviously trying to quickly explain that she did not mean I would bring the car to India…so I had to rudely talk over her.)

My Daddy said, “HELL NO, have you lost your DAMN mind? You can’t sling a dead cat without hitting a Maxi-Lube from the front yard.”

I wonder why those people from India always hang up on me? I never get the chance to ask if she has one of those little red dots on her forehead or if her family owns a Dairy Queen.




Trump in Ohio, two days ago.


This is an example of local involvement.  Anyone who thinks you can work with the libs is a fool.


Americans should start with their local newspapers, and officials to pressure the Liberal commies.  Ask your server at any restaurant if there is an equity-tip.  Don’t eat at Broders.  Under the new America, restaurants should pay fair wages.

Oh, my.

The internet is forever.


More news from Georgia, USA.  Why do Republicans keep voting for Communist ?  They hate us.


The See The Future Editor:  What is your article about, LL ?

Funny Cat:  It’s a rhetorical question, what would happen if all the White People in America took tomorrow off ?  I am using the most common meaning.

This is what would happen, I’m using 95 % because you never know.  95 % of these businesses would close.

The Nuclear Power plants, and all the coal, gas, and other energy producers including wind and solar.

Our Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, Army, Space Force, and Marines would not defend anybody.

Our gas stations wouldn’t get any gas, as a matter of fact, the trucking industry would stop.

There would be little Air Conditioning or heat.  Everything in your refrigerator would spoil.

The rich couldn’t even fly to another country.  The airports and FAA would be closed.

The pharmacies would be closed.  Hospitals and clinics would close.

One blessing would be the fake news would be off the air.

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and all electronic communication would be off the air.

The cities would turn into death traps with traffic jams and looting.

The cops couldn’t protect anyone, but their family.

You couldn’t flush your toilet or get water from the tap.

The ports couldn’t unload ships.

Bee careful out there, the riots will continue.  Breaking LGBTQIVK news.


TSTFE:  That would be a mess, FC.

It sure would, the only organizations that wouldn’t be missed are The Presidency and Congress.  You know, electricity being out would accomplish the same thing.

TSTFE:  A strong X pulse from the sun or a couple of nuclear explosions 50 miles up in the atmosphere would also knock out the electricity, and we would be in a lot of trouble.  Hackers could knock out the electricity like they did the meat industry and pipeline.  Our government gives us only more, gloom, problems, and trouble.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Paper Moon Solar Eclipse
Image Credit & Copyright: Wang Letian (Eyes at Night)

Explanation: It may look like a paper Moon. Sailing past a canvas Sun. But those are not cardboard clouds. And it’s not make believe.  The featured picture of an orange colored sky is real — a digital composite of two exposures of the solar eclipse that occurred earlier this month. The first exposure was taken with a regular telescope that captured an overexposed Sun and an underexposed Moon, while the second image was taken with a solar telescope that captured details of the chromosphere of the background Sun. The Sun’s canvas-like texture was brought up by imaging in a very specific shade of red emitted by hydrogen. Several prominences can be seen around the Sun’s edge. The image was captured just before sunset from Xilingol, Inner Mongolia, China. It’s also not make-believe to imagine that the Moon is made of dense rock, the Sun is made of hot gas, and clouds are made of floating droplets of water and ice.

Tomorrow’s picture: hubble’s orion