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Austin is as liberal as Portland, Seattle, or San Franpelosi-o.  America needs to start protesting the lying media, like the BLM/Antifa peacefully protest on the West Coast.

NYC is a killing zone.


Our Republican friends should be careful on the New England Coast.

The family of the killed protester in the Capitol has to sue Pigleosi to get the shooter’s name.

This is great for any occasion.

America needs to wake up.


Speaking of names these were suggested for the Queen’s Grand Child.

Good news.


The Nearly Everything Editor:  How much is almost everything, LL ?

Soap Cat:  It’s like the old Ivory Soap commercial.

I can’t think of anything, concerning the dem/press lies, about Trump that has been proven true.

Here are other news makers.

Help the Billionaires.

A duplicate Dr. Fauci was discovered.  His tag says made in Wuhan.

After years of sanctuary places and riots called protest.  The average person is following the governments policy.

Fauci is a corrupt/lying public official.  The dems will never bring him to justice.

The Wuhan Flu is a Chinese creation.  The media have reported lies since it arrived here.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Zhurong: New Rover on Mars
Image Credit: China National Space Administration

Explanation: There’s a new rover on Mars. In mid-May, China‘s Tianwen-1 mission delivered the Zhurong rover onto the red planet. As Mars means Planet of Fire in Chinese, the Zhurong rover’s name means, roughly, God of Fire in Chinese mythology. Zhurong landed in northern Utopia Planitia, the largest known impact basin in the Solar System, and an area reported to have much underground ice. Among many other scientific instruments, Zhurong carries ground-penetrating radar that can detect ice buried even 100-meters deep. Car-sized Zhurong is pictured here next to its landing base. The image was snapped by a remote camera deployed by the rolling rover. Zhurong‘s planned 90-day mission includes studying the geology, soil, and atmosphere of Mars in Utopia Planitia.

Tomorrow’s picture: stars are born