Murder & Treason

“I am one of those Bottom Line kind of people. Covid 19 caused death, destruction, suicides, economic collapses, interference with the 2020 presidential election, etc.

EVERYONE involved in this scheme and cover-up is guilty of MURDER & TREASON. They need to be arrested, tried, and punished accordingly.”

-Sheila Tolley-  

4 thoughts on “Murder & Treason

  1. The only reason they will not be held responsible is because we as a nation are afraid to speak up against those who seek to rule us. We must remember THEY work for us and not the other way around. If we the people sit back and let them do as they please then we deserve what we get. I say vote them out, or if that’s not possible then hang them in the public square.
    We need to rise up and take back our country from those that wish to destroy it…

  2. I support the public hanging of all democrats starting with piglosie then commilla then Biden he is so stupid he gets last place

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