Some memes have earned their way onto the sides of 18 wheelers and flashing road signs..these are my nominees.
-Sheila Tolley-



Why would anyone want to serve the woke-BLM-Antifa-LGBTQAI+-CRT-Bullsheet culture ?

Bureaucracies do function as a fourth branch of government, along with activist judges.  Thanks again daranger, for the info.


I agree with this.  Trump needs to shut up about the past and get on with a promising future, otherwise, DeSantis should be the nominee.  Talking about the past turns off many middle-of-the-road voters.

Airlines in the Sixties were wonderful.


This is great, but secure the voting process.

Trump stickers pop up everywhere.


The Confused Editor:  Is this about the Clinton’s cat named Socks, LL ?

The Laugh In Cat:  No, it’s about an old TV show.

This guy turned out to be prophetic.

I hope the Republicans in Congress already have indictments ready for the crooked Bidens.

Cornell does away with Abraham Lincoln, a Republican who freed the slaves and gave the most distinguished-historical speech in American History.

Don’t tell me about women’s rights, when you abandon your daughters.


Video of the Uvalde school shooting.


This is normal procedure for smelly Democrats.

America is a third-world country.  I haven’t seen any federal agency that isn’t corrupt in over 5 years.  They are corrupt from the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam.

This is a great idea.

Another MSM/Democratic lie.


The Murdaugh Diary.  Alex is going to be charged with killing his wife and son.


Each state should ban pit bulls. They are one reason you need a weapon whenever you are in parks, etc.

Hillary and Stacey Abrams, dressed as sea lions, chase swimmers in San Diego.

This is an arrogant old swamp-sow.

America needs to crash, and let the new patriots take hold of Democracy & Freedom.

New Dis-Honors.

Alvin Bragg is the Black District Attorney in NYC. His prosecution of Black criminals has been few and far between.  He is a racist, but New Yorkers voted for him.

San Francisco might have an honest District Attorney (DA).


Say Thanks to the Mother who Drugged you!


My Favorite Poli-Toon

Hooray For This Biden Attack…

Mr. & Mrs. Gaffe

Taco Biden


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Webb’s Southern Ring Nebula
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, NIRCam

Explanation: Cataloged as NGC 3132 the Southern Ring Nebula is a planetary nebula, the death shroud of a dying sun-like star some 2,500 light-years from Earth. Composed of gas and dust the stunning cosmic landscape is nearly half a light-year in diameter, explored in unprecedented detail by the James Webb Space Telescope. In this NIRCam image the bright star near center is a companion of the dying star. In mutual orbit, the star whose transformation has ejected the nebula’s gas and dust shells over thousands of years is the fainter stellar partner. Evolving to become a white dwarf, the faint star appears along the diffraction spike extending toward the 8 o’clock position. This stellar pair’s orbital motion has resulted the complex structures within the Southern Ring Nebula.

Tomorrow’s picture: Clavius and Tycho