Killers.  They kill and eat people.


This is also late, but it’s about time.


The Deadly As A Clinton Enemy Editor:  Do you have many deadly items, LL ?

The Chicago Deadly Cat:  Let me get this out of the way.  The world’s deadliest border is not Russia-Ukraine, Iran-Afghanistan, North Korea-South Korea, Pakistan-India.  The winner is Nancy, Schumer, Joe, and the voters who vote for these killers—-The border between America and Mexico.

Mayorkas blames the immigrants for their own deaths–the open frontier policy is innocent.

The Democrats & Republicans have not closed the border for 30 years.  The dems are the worst.  Trump would have had it closed if Nancy & Schumer wanted it closed.


It has been an open season on Cops since the Obama skank was elected.  The media won’t include race in a description, and Canada won’t include sex.

Why did this guy not stop, why was he wearing a ski mask, why did he shoot at police ?  Maybe the msm can run the video 24 hours a day for a year.  Maybe the cops in the first video didn’t want to join the cops in the second.

I quit listing killings in Chicago and New York City.  The voters want Liberalism and sanctuary cities.


Joe and the dems keep trying.

The MSM could have prevented this epidemic, if they had reported that it was spreading through gay sex.  They wanted to be politically correct.


The Democrats aren’t going to do anything to any Democrat.  They won’t even enforce federal laws.  If the Republicans get a majority anywhere in November, they need to play Hard Ball.

If the Republicans win any majority, the next federal budget should forbid tax money for this crap, and all gender, BLM, 1619, CRT, studies or any other lying sheet–in any public funded school or other enterprise.

More Nancy insider trading stock purchases.  She and Paul have to pay for the two totaled cars and the unnamed witness to the accident.


I hope Liz loses by 20 points, and goes to work at CNN or Netflix ( with the Obamas ).

Good for her.

If you can’t retrieve your data, call the guy who  Hunter left his computer with.  Every day more incriminating evidence is being released.

Female swimmers are cowards for not refusing to swim or dress/undress with this mentally ill guy.

New York has no standards.

You never know.

This should be one of Biden’s charges for his impeachment.  Doofus is just following Democratic orders.

Don’t give them your money or loyalty.

Baby formulas are still being imported.


Our Peculiar English Language-Part 1




Shortest Road Rage Incident

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Jupiter and Ring in Infrared from Webb
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI; Processing & License: Judy Schmidt

Explanation: Why does Jupiter have rings? Jupiter’s main ring was discovered in 1979 by NASA’s passing Voyager 1 spacecraft, but its origin was then a mystery. Data from NASA’s Galileo spacecraft that orbited Jupiter from 1995 to 2003, however, confirmed the hypothesis that this ring was created by meteoroid impacts on small nearby moons. As a small meteoroid strikes tiny Metis, for example, it will bore into the moon, vaporize, and explode dirt and dust off into a Jovian orbit. The featured image of Jupiter in infrared light by the James Webb Space Telescope shows not only Jupiter and its clouds, but this ring as well. Also visible is Jupiter’s Great Red Spot (GRS) — in comparatively light color on the right, Jupiter’s large moon Europa — in the center of diffraction spikes on the left, and Europa’s shadow — next to the GRS. Several features in the image are not yet well understood, including the seemingly separated cloud layer on Jupiter’s right limb.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space