According to this report Elmo didn’t survive his COVID vaccine.

Pulitzer Dis-Honors.


Ghislaine hopes to survive her confinement.

This skank is as bad as Blasey Ford in the Kavanaugh hearings.


The I Want To Live Editor:  What is survival about, LL ?

The I Want 19 Lives Cat:  Survival is a living species living and/or passing on seeds or offspring for the next generation.

Ancient languages live again, in their own way.

Some of the world’s oldest living trees are in danger.

Hopefully, The Supremes’ recent decision will save this oil field.

These survival tips may help in almost any emergency.  If you lose electricity, you have an emergency.

Ducey, the Governor of Arizona, is trying to survive the invasion of his Southern Frontier.  Biden will just fly them in when it gets dark.


America might not have enough time to rebuild our military.

They can’t charge their electric cars.  Vote Democratic.

Impeach FJB, and the dems.–harris-gun-bill-event-n2610028


You have to defeat this union to save your children.

Many teenagers in your liberal failed cities are animals, created by Black Politicians selling out their children, to be rich with their White counterparts.

Very good, the officer needs to go to Filthydelphia, NYC, and Big Memberville.  Maybe a homeowner shot the passenger that jumped out when the truck stopped.

Squeegee workers at red lights are just another sign of the mayor permitting crimes.  Baltimore is a garbage dump.  That’s what the voters want.

Republicans should run against the Democrat policies, not Biden.  He will be gone by then.


The new LIV Golf League travels first class.

Is every company in America run by morons, idiots, and fools ?

Liz is a dem.

And you wonder why kids grow up to be psychopaths, sociopaths, and killers.

He makes more sense than Slippery Joe.

This is all media BS.  The Supremes just said last month that control of abortions are a power of the individual states.


New vs Old

A Very Sweet Video

Listen Up….

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Webb’s First Deep Field
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, NIRCam

Explanation: This is the deepest, sharpest infrared image of the cosmos so far. The view of the early Universe toward the southern constellation Volans was achieved in 12.5 hours of exposure with the NIRCam instrument on the James Webb Space Telescope. Of course the stars with six visible spikes are well within our own Milky Way. That diffraction pattern is characteristic of Webb’s 18 hexagonal mirror segments operating together as a single 6.5 meter diameter primary mirror. The thousands of galaxies flooding the field of view are members of the distant galaxy cluster SMACS0723-73, some 4.6 billion light-years away. Luminous arcs that seem to infest the deep field are even more distant galaxies though. Their images are distorted and magnified by the dark matter dominated mass of the galaxy cluster, an effect known as gravitational lensing. Analyzing light from two separate arcs below the bright spiky star, Webb’s NIRISS instrument indicates the arcs are both images of the same background galaxy. And that galaxy’s light took about 9.5 billion years to reach the James Webb Space Telescope.

Tomorrow’s picture: closer to home