Sen John Kennedy on Biden — It can’t be said any better



The Chinese company that bought the oil from Joe Biden is tied to Hunter Biden’s dealings with the Chinese companies Sinopec and Unipec.

Impeach Biden.


Well, well, look at this. What is going on?

Here is what happens when a society no longer functions–Democrats/Liberalism.  The next several links show how the media can force politicians to do right.


We know GoFundMe is a left wing-Democratic organization.  The innocent guy is in jail for killing a Black man trying to kill him.  It’s NYC for goodness sake.

Take a shot.


The Sphinx has no sympathy for anyone hiking on Iran’s borders with Afghanistan, or anyone taking Hashish Oil to another country.  The American Embassy has never said she is innocent.  You screwed up Brittney.  They aren’t a sanctuary state.

Brittney pleads guilty.  Maybe they will sentence her to time served, and make her get a Russian Flag Tattoo.


The Uvalde Diary.  The more that is released, the more I wonder if these shootings are allowed to happen.  The Crimo guy had more red-flags than a Chinese-Democratic wiener roast.

Ohio Democrats want nothing to do with Robinette.


More on the Crimo murders.


The Sphinx supports making every gun in America illegal, including all police, security guards, military members, and security protecting all politicians.  Possession of a gun is an automatic death penalty.

The politicians will never agree, they want their security.  Japan’s former Prime Minister is shot, and gravely ill.


This is important because it is below the 30 percent that the voters of both parties will support, no matter what.


These same morons can’t stop crime, illegal drugs, illegal immigrants, or give us honest reports from the msm.

Big Member Lightfoot’s Chicago has more shootings in a year than every school shooting in America.

Some sports news.

Disney introduces the New Gay Spider LGBTQAI+man.  We hope he is wearing something that doesn’t wrinkle easily.

Buffett is a stock holder in the commie car company.

The Bear Market is here.

Find the chick–these are getting a little ridiculous.

This is really Fancy Nancy talking about Gavin Newsom.

We need to be able to kick out POS like England does.

RIP James Caan.


Take a break.


It was just a lump of old trees and printers ink.  Maybe Planned Parenthood can sell the body parts.


The Movie-Photo Editor:  Is this about naked people, LL ?

The Cecil B Decat:  No, that is for our Platinum Membership Edition.  Here is one of the all time great locations, along with an all time Western Movie.

TM-PE:  Did other movies have scenes from Monument Valley, TCBD ?

They sure did. Here is a list.

I counted 5 John Wayne movies  filmed  the same year as Gone With The Wind and Stagecoach.  Stopping the coach is a classic scene.

For our movie fans Claire Trevor was in Stagecoach, and won an Oscar for Key Largo as Johnny Rocco’s girlfriend.

TM-PE:  Who are your parents, in horse talk like Soldier, TCBD ?

I’m from Tom Cat out of Alley Cat.

Speaking of horses, the Supremes finally threw the saddle off an illegal court decision.

This song was banned on some radio stations because horse was the street name for Heroin.  It reached number 1 on the charts and a Gold Record.

God Bless America

You may need to play this multiple times to identify everyone. Don’t miss Ricky and David Nelson (Ricky on right), Roy Clark, Johnny Cash, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller, Jonathon Winters, Lucille Ball, Tommy Smothers, Ed McMahon…and many more from about fifty years ago. Most are gone now, making this an even more amazing compilation.


Have A Good Laugh

If you play it backwards…


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Saturn and the ISS
Image Credit & Copyright: Tom Glenn

Explanation: Soaring high in skies around planet Earth, bright planet Saturn was a star of June’s morning planet parade. But very briefly on June 24 it posed with a bright object in low Earth orbit, the International Space Station. On that date from a school parking lot in Temecula, California the ringed-planet and International Space Station were both caught in this single high-speed video frame. Though Saturn was shining at +0.5 stellar magnitude the space station was an even brighter -3 on the magnitude scale. That difference in brightness is faithfully represented in the video capture frame. In the challenging image, the orbiting ISS was at a range of 602 kilometers. Saturn was about 1.4 billion kilometers from the school parking lot.

Tomorrow’s picture: gaze into the cat’s eye