OMG…it’s the…OMC




Another variation of COVID is discovered.  We should remind our new readers that COVID is named after the Greek Alphabet to prevent mentioning Wuhan or Chinese Flu.  As fate would have it XI is skipped because it is the Chinese Premiere’s name, too funny.  Once the Greek Alphabet is exhausted, the names of Joe’s grandchildren will be used to identify the strain, if they can locate/identify all of them.


Trump receives honorary black belt.

Our sanctuary cities/states need to try a novel idea,  lock up criminals.


NBC wants to do away with another part of American culture.

Don’t be a toxic male.


The Wonder Land Editor:  What is going on with dreams, LL ?

Nowhere Cat:  Dreams are a mystery.  They are like Politicians & Federal Government employees.  You know as much about dreams as any so called expert.

This article is a dream.  I would like to see a 62% Republican majority in the HOR and Senate.

Trump could appoint committees to investigate the two illegal impeachments, the D.C. corruption, but best of all lead the impeachment of Joseph Robinette Biden.  Since the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Baily Circus closed Trump could be a new Ring Master.

Will Joe stand by Taiwan ?  NO

Walmart recalls Hunter Biden Polish speaking toy.

This is a dream come true.





Have A Good Laugh


Good Night Now…Down To The Honkytonk

Jake promised he would not tell about my relationship with Tequila ….I should have known I could not trust him. I shall have a Margarita and send him a mean tweet!
-Sheila Tolley- 



Bezos ( Amazon ) secures immunity from Congress for 5 more years.

This is a secret no more.  The number one contributors to the Democratic Party are not politicians, millionaires, drug dealers, alcoholics, or news media employees–teachers are A # 1 contributors.  Run for office at your local school boards.

College students learn some economics.


China is running out of baby communist.

Try this if you can’t go to a Nike/NBA sweat shop in China.


The Royal Editor:  What secrets do you have for us, LL ?

The House Of Windsor Cat:  The first one is what does Queen Elizabeth 2 have in her purse.  It isn’t a secret, but not widely known–here are some purse almost secrets.

When Liz isn’t beating Black servants she hits the links.

To keep her mind sharp she loves to play chess.

TRE:  What is Elizabeth’s complete title, THOWC ?

This is her complete title.

Barbados to say goodbye.

Joe’s secret voices tell him to run again in 2024.

The best kept American secrets are the education and personal papers on Barack Hussein Obama before 2001.

Does this sound familiar ?





Great Morning Smiles