ON MY SOAPBOX…Do your part…consume your own body waste



Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an odorless, colorless gas. It is a waste product made by your body. … You breathe out carbon dioxide and breathe in oxygen all day, every day, without thinking about it.

That was the old days, folks….now you mask wearers are sucking this waste product back into your body. The next new medical phrase you learn will be CO2 Overload/Oxygen Deprivation. All the many diseases this causes to your body will be blamed on Covid instead of mask mandates.

Your dentist says, thank you to politicians for your over-reaction of ‘Mask Mandates’, I like all this extra money!”(See link below)

AOC and the rest of the Green New Deal Loonies say:  Thank you China for this virus, as Americans are forced to recycle their  own carbon dioxide (CO2) over and over into their own body…we are creating a better environment. We can possibly keep a few cows now. We will at least have very rich dentists and doctors. The people will be really sick. They will need dentures or dental implants, and require oxygen the rest of their lives, but who cares?”




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