Here are Schumer and Feinstein delivering trucks of lies to ACB’s interview.


The Denver killer was hired by KUSA as a security guard.  I hope the victim’s family owns the station after the trial.  Remember, anyone not BLM/Antifa is a right-wing-white-supremacist.


Whitmer is a skank.


The Editor:  Is this about all kinds of animals, LL ?

Cat Reporter:  It sure is, them and Demcomms.  If the first one is successful with dogs, they will try it on Democrats to see if they can find The Constitution.

This is a shark Trump raised, a white-supremacist-militia shark.

Here are Trump & Cruz catching a HOR Democrat.  For our new readers, this snake should never have been admitted to our country.  It has no natural enemies here.  It is science as the dems like to say.

This is a video of Pigleosi in her caterpillar stage.  Amigo said that flannel shirts were made from the adult ( maybe even Kente Cloths ).

This is good news.  I don’t like the Hollywood influence on society.

Remember how the Democrats treat other members of the HOR and Senate, do you expect them to treat their voters any better ?  They are snakes.

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