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This is great news, maybe Facebook and Twitter are next.


The Maxwell Diary.



I Can Show It Between 1 And 5 Editor:  Why do you report on real estate so much, LL ?

I Like Clean Things Cat:  Usually the homes are nice and well kept.  Here is Harry and Meghan’s new home.

Speaking of royalty Queen Elizabeth owns a bunch of music, from Beyonce to Justin Timberlake.

This is interesting.

This is right up the ocean from our refuge on Cumberland Island.

Cal Cunningham is a creepy Demcomm.  North Carolina can do better.

I use to like Troy, oh well.

Wagtoon sounds like Otis Redding.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Tagging Bennu
Image Credit: OSIRIS-REx, University of Arizona, NASA, Goddard Scientific Visualization Studio

Explanation: On October 20, after a careful approach to the boulder-strewn surface, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft’s arm reached out and touched asteroid Bennu. Dubbed a Touch-And-Go (TAG) sampling event, the 30 centimeter wide sampling head (TAGSAM) appears to crush some of the rocks in this snapshot. The close-up scene was recorded by the spacecraft’s SamCam some 321 million kilometers from planet Earth, just after surface contact. One second later, the spacecraft fired nitrogen gas from a bottle intended to blow a substantial amount of Bennu’s regolith into the sampling head, collecting the loose surface material. Data show the spacecraft spent approximately 5 more seconds in contact with Bennu’s Nightingale sample site and then performed its back-away burn. Timelapse frames from SamCam reveal the aftermath.

Tomorrow’s picture: pixels in space