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A Quote & Pictures from Hank Ashmore ….The Deplorable Infidel


Hank Ashmore


I am sure you remember Hank Ashmore.  Hank is a contributor to Tolley’s Topics. He is the author of the many FOOD FOR THOUGHT segments that were posted on this site. He has been very active in Trump’s re-election campaign. He attended and photographed the Trump Boat Parade and has been working very hard in the distribution of signs for Donald Trump.


Photos by:  Hank Ashmore (The Deplorable Infidel)…. taken as he attended the Trump Rally at the Macon Airport.  This rally followed two rallies in Florida on Friday.

“We, at Tolley’s Topics, thank our Deplorable Infidel for all his hard work for Trump.

MAGA hats off to you, Hank.”

Sheila Tolley



Here are some of yesterday’s scandals and corruptions.

I like this, weeks after Facebook and Twitter executives join Biden’s transition team they shut down President Trump’s campaign site.  These companies have to be broken-up.  They have too much money for a fine to be effective.



The Editor:  Who are Nikki and Barbie, LL ?

Plastic Cat:  Let me show our new readers the history of Barbie.  This is when she met Ken.  It was love at first plastic eye sight.  If they were any hotter they would have melted and stuck together.

TE:  They sure do look like BFF, PC.

PC:  Barbie can’t stand her.  Barbie even ” Culturally Appropriated ” her topknot hair style from the Japanese.

Every time Nikki tries to be woke Barbie says this.

She has had so many jobs that the only hope she has now is a job on CNN or MSNBC.  Maybe she and Ken can replace the psychotics on MSNBC’s Morning Joe  ( Joe & Mika ),  the ones who broadcast from Florida with a large backdrop of DC behind them.

Maybe Barbie and Nikki can be recycled and turned into cola bottles.

Peloton exercise bike maker has a recall.

San Francisco, NYC, and ESPN are losing money.

They need some sixties California culture.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Cygnus: Bubble and Crescent
Image Credit & Copyright: Wissam Ayoub

Explanation: These clouds of gas and dust drift through rich star fields along the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy toward the high flying constellation Cygnus. Caught within the telescopic field of view are the Soap Bubble (lower left) and the Crescent Nebula (upper right). Both were formed at a final phase in the life of a star. Also known as NGC 6888, the Crescent was shaped as its bright, central massive Wolf-Rayet star, WR 136, shed its outer envelope in a strong stellar wind. Burning through fuel at a prodigious rate, WR 136 is near the end of a short life that should finish in a spectacular supernova explosion. Discovered in 2013, the Soap Bubble Nebula is likely a planetary nebula, the final shroud of a lower mass, long-lived, sun-like star destined to become a slowly cooling white dwarf. Both stellar shrouds are 5,000 light-years or so distant. The larger Crescent Nebula is around 25 light-years across.

Tomorrow’s picture: pretty wild …