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Friends and new acquaintances often ask me why I write to myself on the daily edition of The Sphinx.  They ask this because I often communicate with Lois Lion in the comments section of that daily post. The little Ladybug is my (avatar/image) signature, assigned by wordpress.

I am not the author of The Sphinx. I would love to plagiarize it, but I consider that a felony in “The World of Writing.” Tolley’s Topics was born over seven years ago. It has been a daily on-line publication every day since. That is over 2500 editions. The Sphinx has been the lead-off post every morning since the very first edition.

We have grown from 8,852 views in 2013 to 314,342 in 2020. I have enjoyed every minute of working as the editor of Tolley’s Topics. I have met new Electronic Pen Pals from all around the world.

Bird’s Eye View is another contribution from which the author prefers to remain anonymous.  I have zero problems with Lois Lion/The Sphinx and The Wise/Bird’s Eye View having pen names. I am mighty proud that history had no problem with Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens.

Everyone has opinions. There are many people who would love to express their opinions, but just do not have an available platform.

For years, Tolley’s Topics has enjoyed and published the opinions and essays submitted by Hank Ashmore, Bill Bowser, Cathy Brown, Mark Wood, Lois Lion and The Wise.

Perhaps you would like your voice heard, opinions expressed, essays published, etc.  As Doc Holliday said in the movie Tombstone:

“I’ll be your huckleberry.”

My email address is:


I am very grateful to all contributors who send me jokes, songs, stories, memes, toons, etc.

You know who you are….and I love and appreciate you!


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Good Ones……










Cuomo only reported a fraction of his nursing home deaths, or as they would say about Trump—-murders.

This is more true than you think.

The Biden Chronicles.


Here is the news.  ABC SUX.  The third link is the falsified comment done by ABC.


These guys are on the way.

Joe/Kamala are as crooked as Hill & Bill.


Dos Equis Editor:  Will Spanish for two be OK, LL ?

The Roman Cat:  Pizza and DE are a treat.  I include these videos for the Second Amendment.

Will Three masks be enough?  Three is also the number of hired minorities at work in the West Wing of the White House.

The Slave Master is Biden.  41 is us.

Pigleosi makes more money from Congress members being exempt from insider trading laws.  What a skank.

Merriam Webster updates word.

Speaking of white, the Great White Shark is selling his Florida Mansion.