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TALKING WITH: Kamala harris

(after all, everyone talks to their bartender)



KH: Good evening, I assume I am welcome at your MAGA bar.

JTB: You betcha, sweetcakes..on Casual Friday, we let anything in.

(Thunderous Bar Room Laughter)

KH: So your Friday’s are different?

JTB: Only because the bartenders can start drinking at 8:00 am, so we tend to say whatever we want to say. You know the old saying, “A drunken mouth speaks the sober mind.” So Belly-On-Up to the bar..KA-MA-LA, but you can’t do that with those big old size 13 Converse tennis shoes, huh?

(Thunderous Bar Room Laughter)

JTB: What can I get for you VPINO Harris?

KH: I am the Vice-President. I demand some respect!

JTB: I didn’t say our Friday’s were stupid, I said they were casual. Do you want a drink or not?

KH: I only stopped in because I saw the huge banner outside that said you were unveiling a new wine glass made for Speaker Pelosi.

(Thunderous Bar Room Laughter)

JTB: Almost perfect timing on your part, VPINO. We committed reserves of our new glass, in advance to our Golden Members, and we can hardly keep enough stock on hand for the unveiling. You sure drink fast, VPINO Harris, will you be having another bottle of Mad Dog 20/20? If so, I must send my associate over to the Seven-Eleven again, before they close.

KH: Yeah, set me up, Joe. What time is the unveiling?

JTB: Very soon, perhaps you can answer a question for our group, while you sit in your drunken stupor waiting on the Seven-Eleven delivery?

KH: Sure.

JTB: How did you end up being the VPINO? The whole world knows you were not  PINO Biden’s choice.

KH: I have never liked Biden and he has never liked me. You remember how I confronted him in the debate.

JTB: Oh yeah….about busing, you was “that little girl”…boo-hoo, cry me a river. So why did a man who you never liked, pick a woman who he has never liked to be his VPINO?

KH: I am not answering that question, I am not that drunk. Where are your restrooms?

JTB: Down the hall to the right. It says LADIES on the door……but use it anyway.

(Thunderous Bar Room Laughter)

JBT: Be careful not to stagger and fall.

BARTENDER #2: Are you kidding Joe, when those size 13 converses hit the floor, it would take six of us to push her over even when she is drunk!

(Thunderous Bar Room Laughter)

JTB: Glad you have returned, VPINO  it is time for the unveiling. Our New Wine Glass, dedicated to your Speaker is about to be introduced.

JTB: Look at that! The big RED curtain is dropping and there it is…..the new wine glass honoring your party’s Big Mouth of the House. Isn’t the logo on the glass beautifully etched?


Image result for MAGA HAT



KH: But the glass is empty?

JTB: Exactly, VPINO, just like the evidence files in those two fake impeachment trials. But look again, it is not completely empty, we replaced the typical little umbrella with a little mask made of Kente Cloth. It also comes in this beautiful Mahogany  Gift Box which is a replica of the famous MAGA hat.

KH: Can I have one?

JTB: No, of coarse not.

KH: Can I buy one?

JTB: No, these will become very valuable collector’s items. We only have this one left and we will present it to President Donald Trump at his inauguration in 2024.

KH: Good night, I am leaving this horrible bar.

JTB: Do you wish to take the rest of your Mad Dog 20/20 with you?

PLEASE don’t forget your shoes. Someone will steal them and sell them as kayaks on EBAY.

Bye now, VPINO.

Engelbert’s Tribute song on the passing of his wife

This is a beautiful tribute. Engelbert’s wife passed away on Sunday, Feb.7/21.  She died of the Corona Virus. They were married for 56 years and had 4 kids.  A few years ago his wife developed Alzheimer’s and they worked through this together.  Today Englebert has also contracted Corona Virus.

What a beautiful tribute to his wife!

Patricia Healy Dorsey, wife of Arnold George Dorsey (Alias Englebert Humperdink) Passed away today. Listen to the beautiful tribute song he sings in her memory.




The Daytona 500 had so many fiery crashes that BLM may have to postpone this week’s peaceful arson attacks ( fire shortage ).


The mail-in votes work.

Pigleosi without makeup.


This is a history lesson.


The Where Is My Share Editor:  Did Biden’s woman hating, arrogant, sleeping with a reporter Deputy Press Secretary get fired, LL ?

Complicated Cat:  He resigned after a few days.

This story really got complicated, he tried to blame Kamala for checking out the ” meter running ” video and keeping it too long.  He said, if the video had been available he would have known the rules.

Asiana Airlines reported that if the terminated Ducklo couldn’t get a good job at Netflix, like all ex-Democrat failures, that he could join their flight crew.

Remember if the fire department starts spraying foam that they might run over you and kill you.  Just stay inside and burn to death.

I hope they get enough support to send Newsom, Pigleosi’s nephew, packing (grapes).

TWIMSE:  Will the toady dems forget about Trump now, CC ?

They may or may not.  They are like drug addicts, that’s all they have to live for.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Perseverance: Seven Minutes to Mars
Video Credit: NASA, JPL

Explanation: How hard is it to land safely on Mars? So hard that many more attempts have failed than succeeded. The next attempt will be on Thursday. The main problem is that the Martian atmosphere is too thick to ignore — or it will melt your spacecraft. On the other hand, the atmosphere is too thin to rely on parachutes — or your spacecraft will crash land. Therefore, as outlined in the featured video, the Perseverance lander will lose much of its high speed by deploying a huge parachute, but then switch to rockets, and finally, assuming everything goes right, culminate with a hovering Sky Crane that will slowly lower the car-sized Perseverance rover to the surface with ropes. It may sound crazy, but the Curiosity rover was placed on Mars using a similar method in 2012. From atmospheric entry to surface touch-down takes about seven minutes, all coordinated by an onboard computer because Mars is too far away for rapid interactive communication. During this time, humans on Earth will simply wait to hear if the landing was successful. Last week, UAE‘s Hope spacecraft successfully began orbiting Mars, followed a day later by the Chinese Tianwen-1 mission, which will likely schedule a landing of its own rover sometime in the next few months.

Tomorrow’s picture: light pillar with flare