Maybe true, maybe not….but definitely FUNNY!


Nancy’s Wall



Andy Cuomo’s snow-job is over since a Democratic DOJ is in power.


Georgia’s new Senator Warnock and want-to-be Governor Stacy Abrams are under investigation for voter fraud,


Here is a snow-job.  The World Health Organization-United Nations WHO investigation on the Wuhan Flu was done by the Chinese.  It’s insane.


Brady should look out.


The Coke Editor:  Is this about Cocaine, LL ?

Weather Channel Cat:  No it’s about it snowing.  Americans need to chill out.  These articles are proof that people need to tune-out the media entirely.  Just send naked pictures of each other-no Kardashins, please.

It’s sad and funny.

These jokers evidently had problems with their neighbor.  Snow shoveling should be a safe task.

I can see the 3 neighbors shoveling snow wake up in Hell shoveling coal.  They would all look at each other and say, ”  I thought we were shoveling snow-what happened “?

This one is particularly sad.  I blame it on all the media, and the screeching Democrats.  All they scream is hate.  Millions of Americans aren’t equipped mentally to understand that the media are liars and what they say is trash.

These are just creepy Millennials.

Amigo said he was going to where it really snows, and make more money.


(Our Sinister Minister who does not keep secrets)



PB: I know you, you are not a real priest.

DTP: I know you, you are not a real president. Yet, here we are.

PB: I just came to your confessional booth to hide for a while.

DTP: Who are you hiding from?

PB: obama, he is driving me crazy.

DTP: Since you are already senile, that will be a short drive. How is obama bothering you?

PB: He keeps ordering these new ear pieces for me to try. He is so afraid America is going to discover that he talks to me through those things.

DTP: Tell him to relax, America already knows.

PB: C’mon man, why do you say that?

DTP: They kept you locked in a basement for a year, like a rabid rat, so you could not talk to people. When they let you out on occasion, so people would know you were not dead, they told you to take no questions. They were preserving you  in case you were the candidate they had to settle for in the end. You have not mentioned your old buddy, Corn Pop, since they stole the election FOR you. You have not invited anyone to a push-up competition since you became the PINO. Before your fake win, you could not remember which state you were in. You confused your wife with your sister when you introduced them, etc….that is how I know obama is still your BIG BOSS MAN. You are his third term puppet and he pulls your strings.

PB: Help me keep an eye out for obama. He probably followed me here.

DTP: He will not come here. He is afraid his hero Reverend Wright will find out about it.

PB: He did not really care for Reverend Wright, he just did not want America to know he was a Muslim. He declared himself a Christian in 2008.

DTP: That was a timely religious conversion, wouldn’t you say? He starts attending the church of Jeremiah Wright who openly preaches the message “God Damn America.” Then,  he practically moves Al Sharpton, a self- appointed reverend, into the Lincoln bedroom. Then, he donates huge sums of money  to another self-appointed reverend, Raphael Warnock, running for senator in Georgia, who is now under investigation for election fraud, along with Stacey Abrams. 

PB: I guess I will leave now, lean over closer to me, I do have one valid confession I would like to get off my chest.

DTP: I am not getting close to you, you just want to sniff my hair. Get on out of here, you pervert. I am going to finish watching Rosemary’s Baby.

Good Ones….


North Fork Yachats River Covered Bridge

WGN – 37-21-08 North Fork Yachats River Covered Bridge – Built in 1938 in Lincoln County by Otis Hamar spanning North Fork Yachats River on N. Yachats River Rd., single span, 42 feet long, Howe trusses