IT SEEMS TO ME…The quest for diversity is nonsense



Ok, before you all grab your pitchforks and angrily assemble in my front yard, listen and think about what I have to say.

Diversity has become a very popular topic. People like to proclaim their support for it. It makes them feel good. After all, who wouldn’t be in favor of it? Shouldn’t everyone be welcome everywhere?

Well, not actually. There are a large number of undesirable people whose presence would be unwelcome for most people who would otherwise be in favor of diversity. For example, child abusers would not be welcome at a school or children’s daycare center.  Nor would PETA activists be welcome at a hotdog eating contest.

People who advocate diversity promote it only for people who agree with them. The democraps have been touting diversity for quite some time, but they make clear that conservatives aren’t to be included in their quest for diversity.

Inclusivity for the sake of diversity is ridiculous because there will always be some undesirable people. But today diversity is just bigotry on the left masquerading as inclusivity. More dishonesty from the left, and conservatives are shamed into agreeing with it.

Stop putting up with this nonsense. Push back. Don’t let the bullies prevail.


The Inconvenient Truth About The Democratic Party


Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich
Political Cartoons by Al Goodwyn

Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by AF Branco

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Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

Political Cartoons by AF Branco

OH LOOK….It Can Get Worse



As Biden would say,  “you ain’t Black unless you like some S&M.”  We will put you back in chains.


I can only assume that this is price-gouging, which is a crime in every state in emergencies and natural disasters.

For our new readers, the Chip Chip cartoons are repeats, but funny.






The Enlightened Editor:  Do you like Shakespeare ( Hamlet ), LL ?

Babylon Bee Cat:  I sure do, after the Bible he has the best quotes.  He was Black, like everyone in the Bible.  Coke is run by liberal Democrat White rich people.  I wonder if any Board members are of color ?   Are they giving their jobs to people of color ?  This speaks for its self.

Our younger loyal readers might not remember when Coke changed the formula for the sugary poison.  Beer is cheaper and better for you, in moderation.

This time Coke is trying to tell you what to THINK.  Coke management forgot the message that came from the formula change—the people own Coke.  The people also own America, be patriotic if you are too young to drink beer or wine drink PEPSI.

Coke isn’t a brand name worth worrying over or waiting two weeks for.  It’s FOP ( with the L removed ) with artificial sugar added and the grease removed.

Here is another message to help you get through a tiring day—HEROIN and Coke— zing what a feeling.

Look at these poor people, can you understand how they must feel without Heroin and a hundred other drugs to get them through tough days ?

This is the land of Pigleosi, Newsom, Schiff, Kamala, Feinstein, Biden, and Maxine Waters.  This is their vision of America.

No Apple Trees and Turtle Doves for the above listed losers–vineyards are their choice.

How Can You……


Some people retain their childhood appearance all through life…..