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Adventures with Dad

A graphic artist living in Germany works from home. His wife leaves their baby girl with him each day as she goes off to work. A few months ago, he got tired of her texting to check on how he was doing with the baby. So, he started photo-shopping responses to text back to her, and it has become a worldwide Instagram sensation. Here are a few of them…



This is too scary to ignore

“I silenced my speakers as I read this history of Argentina unfolding. Then I turned my speakers on and watched it a second time. This WILL be America since Donald Trump was not re-elected in 2020. There is ABSOLUTELY no way around that fact. I hope you will forward this post to your list of contacts.”

-Sheila Tolley-



Wikileaks proved  there are no secrets on any electronic information.

Kamala gets terrorist out of jail, again.


Biden opens dog cages for illegal children with flu.


The Alphabet Editor:  What are your W’s, LL ?

Consonant Cat:  Who-What-When-Where-Why

Who said, if you criticize members of Congress-you should be prosecuted ?  This is a repeat for good reason.  Cowgirl Wilson.

Why did the Staten Island Zoo fake Groundhog Day ?   Everything supported by taxpayers is faked or lies.

Who verifies things for the truth before printing ?  No one.  Someone would have to make a judgement.

Why does The Sphinx print old Chip Chip clips ?  The dogs are funny looking and give good sermons for our new readers.

Why does Biden want the military out of power in Myanmar while he has troops all over DC ?  He is a Dictator.

Where are the women who should be protecting their girl children ?  They are on the Democratic Plantation.

What does the Babylon Bee have for today ?  Plenty.

When did AOC tell the truth ?  When she said she hated the Jews.

Chitwood Covered Bridge

WGN – 37-21-03 Chitwood Covered Bridge – Built in 1926 in Lincoln County by Otis Hamar spanning Yaquina River on Chitwood Rd., single span, 96 feet long, Howe trusses

Rebuilt 1984. The bridge stood in the center of the once bustling community of Chitwood. Now most of the historic buildings are gone.



Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Northern Winter Night
Image Credit & Copyright: Lukasz Zak

Explanation: Snow blankets the ground in this serene forest and sky view. Assembled in a 360 degree panoramic projection, the mosaicked frames were captured at January’s end along a quiet country road near Siemiony, northeastern Poland, planet Earth. The night was cold and between trees reaching toward the sky shine the stars and nebulae of the northern winter Milky Way. Near zenith is bright star Capella, a mere 43 light-years above the tree tops. Alpha star of the constellation Auriga the Charioteer and part of the winter hexagon asterism, Capella is a well-studied double star system. Follow the Milky Way above and right of Capella and you might spot the familiar stars of Orion in the northern winter night.

Tomorrow’s picture: straggler stars