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IT SEEMS TO ME….Florida ?



Two days before departing from my home in Cincinnati for a month in the Florida sunshine, I became eligible and received the first covid shot. When the staff asked when I wanted to schedule the second shot, I told them I would be out of town, and would take care of it in Florida.

Last Monday I checked with the St. Lucie health department and the Florida state health department and learned that they have a “screw the visitors” policy, which means that they don’t provide covid vaccinations for non-residents. I was stunned. Haven’t the public health authorities been telling us for months that “We’re all in this together”? Don’t non-residents pose the same, or greater risk of spreading this pandemic around Florida as the residents do?

I believe the federal government gave a lot of tax dollars to the drug companies to speed the development of these vaccines and that all the vaccines are being purchased by the federal government and given to the states for distribution. Since my tax dollars helped pay for this, just like everyone elses, how can Florida discriminate against me simply because I don’t reside there? Why would a state have such a short-sighted policy, and mistreat visitors like this? I thought tourism was a major source of revenue for the state.

This is the kind of experience that figuratively leaves a lingering bad taste one’s mouth. The next time I look for a sunny place to escape the Midwest winter weather, it won’t be in Florida.


Our God Given Rights




Sleazy, Creepy, Lying dog face pony soldier, Joe.

When we had that Great President Donald J. Trump, I would hear nearly every day on the TV comments being made about how he lied.  It always came from the Left.  They would continually say that he always lied.  I don’t think he lied, when he said he was going to do something, he would do it.  
Now, what I want to know is what you would call this, in the utube below? Joe has done this for so many years, he does not know any other way. It comes so natural to him. The Right will go along with it, they think it is ok for Old Joe to spew out lies, one after another.  For example, when he told people during his campaign that he would not stop fracking,  or that he never talked to Hunter about what he did while on the Board of Burisma.  
Please view this short utube. 




Nancy says the dems need more limo drivers and armed security details.  Where is her unity ?

Schiff would give up the CNN host job to return to Gagafornia.


Breaking news.  Democrats vote to put Trump back in office.

Defund your police.  We all know the only people to be protected are Congressdungbeetles.  Ask Queen Dung Beetle Nancy.


This Democrat can’t escape Trump’s Ghost.

These officials also fixed the voting scam in Pennsylvania, maybe they confused the two.


The Academic Editor:  Do you know why education is so expensive, LL ?

Public Schools Cat:  I sure do know.  The state legislatures give everything the colleges and universities want.  Here are some examples.

They give these education imposters, homes, limos, maids, and teenagers to baby sit.  All they need is the book Das Kapital and a little Oxycontin.  Once the profs get tenure they are like DOJ employees, you can’t fire them or send them to prison for trying to overthrow a President.  This is the house I would give them.

I would send them to Guantanamo, Cuba ( Gitmo ), but they get better treatment there than soldiers get on the mainland.  Biden delayed the terrorist vaccines, or so he says.

This missed the incest in business article.  Kerry flies private and pays the company his wife owns the cost of the flight.  That is educational.  The skanks Omar and Maxine Waters do the same with their relatives and campaign employees.

Biden should send the National Guard that is in DC to the Antifa/BLM riots in Portland and Seattle.  They could be good Samaritans.

TAE:  Could you give our new loyal readers an example of a good Samaritan, PSC ?

I sure can.  Our readers like this one, since equality is important to people like Pigleosi, Schumer, Waters, etc., who need to learn ethics.

ON MY SOAPBOX…Number, please



Three days ago the title of The Sphinx on Tolley’s Topics was “NUMBERS.”

OMG, can you just imagine our world without numbers? Just shoot me.

“Oh yeah, I know where you are talking about. It is over yonder, towards Caterpillar. It is on a paved road, if you have already passed Griffith’s Drive Inn Restaurant, you take a right just past the railroad tracks. If you ain’t passed Griffith’s, you take a left before you reach the railroad tracks. You can’t miss it.”

“Oh look, I have a telephone…I can’t wait until they create numbers.”

“What is your Social Security…never mind…get back with me on that.”

But I do have a serious question about numbers. Silly things bother me when I am bored, in the cold of Winter.

The numerical system, as we know it went like this:

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10…, that’s cool. Then it went to:

Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, etc. Then it went to:

Twenty one, Twenty two, Twenty three, etc. Then it goes consistently all the way through the Nineties.

My question is:

Why did they not use Tenty one, Tenty two, Tenty three instead of the, out of the ordinary, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, etc.?

This bothers me. I believe there was a serious Numbers Revolt in history that was not recorded.

Maybe thirteen is not really a Baker’s Dozen? Perhaps it is Tenty three.

To be honest with you, I think that is why there were only Ten Little Indian Boys….Eleven would have upset the rhythm of the little song.

Like I said….little things bother me when I am bored in the Winter.


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