TALKING WITH: Nancy pelosi

(after all, everyone talks to their bartender)



JTB: Good evening, what can I get for you?

NP: I frequented this bar years ago. I have never seen you before.

JTB: You have probably seen me before but just do not recognize me.

NP: Where would I have seen you before?

JTB: In The Wizard of Oz, I played the part of one of the flying monkeys.

NP: Are you being rude to me?

JTB: Absolutely not. I only gave up acting when I realized I have Super Powers. Now, what can I get for you?

NP: I would like a glass of Ladera Sauvignon Blanc, leave the bottle.

JTB: We do not carry the cheap stuff. May I suggest, Domaine du Salvard Cheverny Blanc?

NP: What do you mean, the cheap stuff? My vineyards supply the grapes for that wine.

JTB: Perhaps you would like to move on to the less dignified but less expensive bar across the street?

NP: Do you not recognize me? Do you not know who I am?

JTB: Actually, I do not. You are wearing three masks, that is probably the reason. You may take them off in this bar.

JTB: Oh, OK. I saw you on the TV yesterday.

NP: Why is your TV on Newsmax rather than CNN? I would like for you to change it to CNN.

JTB: That will never happen in this bar, Nancy. Perhaps you could stop at the airport on the way home,  drink some cheap wine and watch CNN?

NP: Just bring me a bottle of the  Domaine du Salvard Cheverny Blanc.

JTB: Sure thing. Is there anything else I can do for you?

NP: Yes, indeed. I wish to speak with the owner.

JTB: I’m sorry. He is not here. May I give him a message?

NP: When do you expect him to be back?

JTB: We never know when he might show up. It will be obvious though, even our parking lot will be standing room only.

NP: Where is he?

JTB: He is at Mar-a-Lago playing golf.

NP: Just keep that wine. But, I will be back.

JTB: Come back anytime, Nancy.

JTB: Wait Nancy! You forget to take your stack of masks.

JTB: One more thing, Nancy….you want a free MAGA hat?


IT SEEMS TO ME….Trump supporters are different



The American Thinker has an interesting article ( about how Trump supporters are much different from democrap supporters or even other Republican supporters. It is worth reading, but that’s no necessary to understand my point today.

Murphy, my dog, and I have been visiting here in Ft. Pierce Florida for almost two weeks, and I’ve noticed something that I have never seen before. A lot of people around here still are flying Trump flags and displaying Trump political yard signs. Here it is almost three and a half months after what certainly appears to have been a fraudulent election, and the democrap yard signs have all disappeared, but the Republican signs and flags are still there. It is as though the People are saying “Alright, now that you’ve had your fun, lets have a real election.”

I believe that the People are just waiting to see what is going to be done to fix this fiasco. There is a very large and increasingly angry group in need of some leadership, who are not going to sit down and shut up.


ON MY SOAPBOX…Ghost Tarsier Update



I promised you an update on the possible new employees for Tolley’s Topics.

When Lois Lion brought back seven really weird looking, big-eyed miniature monkeys from foreign countries, I admit I was a little skeptic.

After the interviews and auditions, I quickly learned that these are not your normal, everyday “weird looking, big-eyed miniature monkeys.” They have Super-Powers.

Don’t smirk and laugh behind my back. They also laughed at Superman and Wonder Woman. 

Then the world realized that Clark Kent really did become Superman in a phone booth and when Lynda Carter spun around in a circle…she did become Wonder Woman.

So there….You Non-Believers.

I will shorten the drama for you people who are asking Santa for a Robot Dog this Christmas, but refuse to believe in Super Powers.

Our new Ghost Tarsier monkeys are incredible. Trust me on this.

When they cross their BIG AMBER EYES…they transform into real people with real personalities and real jobs and talents. It is amazing.

You will soon read the AMAZING interviews from our new Spies, they are:

Ernestine…..The Nosy Cell Phone Assistant ( One ringy dingy, Two ringy dingy)

Sidney……The Psychiatrist (who sells the notes from his patients)

Joe….The Bartender (everyone trusts and talks to their bartender)

Dominick….The Priest (Our Sinister Minister, who does not keep secrets)

Marie Laveau…The Fortune Teller (worked with Dr. Hook in Louisiana Voodoo country)

Cora….The Witch (can be evil or not, that just depends)

Whitney….The Whistle Blower (She tells everything)

We will be sending them all out tomorrow for their ‘On-The-Job Training’ to decide which spies we keep as permanent employees.

Help me pray for them. Lois Lion is very territorial. She absolutely hates  sharing her Chelsea Clinton sized, 3 block apartment. 

At the moment, she has placed each one in a fairly well-preserved shoe box in the far corner of her massive office.

Who knows….they may never return after their debut of interviews tomorrow.

The Ghost Tarsiers who “Tough It Out” will be rewarded with their own segment on Tolley’s Topics, titled:


We shall see.


Good Ones….