TALKING WITH: Nancy pelosi

(after all, everyone talks to their bartender)



JTB: Good evening, what can I get for you?

NP: I frequented this bar years ago. I have never seen you before.

JTB: You have probably seen me before but just do not recognize me.

NP: Where would I have seen you before?

JTB: In The Wizard of Oz, I played the part of one of the flying monkeys.

NP: Are you being rude to me?

JTB: Absolutely not. I only gave up acting when I realized I have Super Powers. Now, what can I get for you?

NP: I would like a glass of Ladera Sauvignon Blanc, leave the bottle.

JTB: We do not carry the cheap stuff. May I suggest, Domaine du Salvard Cheverny Blanc?

NP: What do you mean, the cheap stuff? My vineyards supply the grapes for that wine.

JTB: Perhaps you would like to move on to the less dignified but less expensive bar across the street?

NP: Do you not recognize me? Do you not know who I am?

JTB: Actually, I do not. You are wearing three masks, that is probably the reason. You may take them off in this bar.

JTB: Oh, OK. I saw you on the TV yesterday.

NP: Why is your TV on Newsmax rather than CNN? I would like for you to change it to CNN.

JTB: That will never happen in this bar, Nancy. Perhaps you could stop at the airport on the way home,  drink some cheap wine and watch CNN?

NP: Just bring me a bottle of the  Domaine du Salvard Cheverny Blanc.

JTB: Sure thing. Is there anything else I can do for you?

NP: Yes, indeed. I wish to speak with the owner.

JTB: I’m sorry. He is not here. May I give him a message?

NP: When do you expect him to be back?

JTB: We never know when he might show up. It will be obvious though, even our parking lot will be standing room only.

NP: Where is he?

JTB: He is at Mar-a-Lago playing golf.

NP: Just keep that wine. But, I will be back.

JTB: Come back anytime, Nancy.

JTB: Wait Nancy! You forget to take your stack of masks.

JTB: One more thing, Nancy….you want a free MAGA hat?


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