IT SEEMS TO ME….Trump supporters are different



The American Thinker has an interesting article ( about how Trump supporters are much different from democrap supporters or even other Republican supporters. It is worth reading, but that’s no necessary to understand my point today.

Murphy, my dog, and I have been visiting here in Ft. Pierce Florida for almost two weeks, and I’ve noticed something that I have never seen before. A lot of people around here still are flying Trump flags and displaying Trump political yard signs. Here it is almost three and a half months after what certainly appears to have been a fraudulent election, and the democrap yard signs have all disappeared, but the Republican signs and flags are still there. It is as though the People are saying “Alright, now that you’ve had your fun, lets have a real election.”

I believe that the People are just waiting to see what is going to be done to fix this fiasco. There is a very large and increasingly angry group in need of some leadership, who are not going to sit down and shut up.


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