Engelbert’s Tribute song on the passing of his wife

This is a beautiful tribute. Engelbert’s wife passed away on Sunday, Feb.7/21.  She died of the Corona Virus. They were married for 56 years and had 4 kids.  A few years ago his wife developed Alzheimer’s and they worked through this together.  Today Englebert has also contracted Corona Virus.

What a beautiful tribute to his wife!

Patricia Healy Dorsey, wife of Arnold George Dorsey (Alias Englebert Humperdink) Passed away today. Listen to the beautiful tribute song he sings in her memory.


3 thoughts on “Engelbert’s Tribute song on the passing of his wife

  1. How touching and beautiful, He had a deep love to write that song in her memory. Few people take their marriage serious and make it that far. They had a life full of beautiful memories.

  2. How wonderful and beautiful, a totally loving tribute. I have always been a fan of Englebert’s from his 1st/ recording and my 1st time at one of his concerts. He has always been my favorite.!!

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