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As I grow older, I wonder more about little things than I did at an earlier age. Little things that I have merely accepted throughout my life.

I can understand the giving of gifts at Christmas. After all, the Wise Men did take gifts to baby Jesus. I am not clear how the fat man in the red suit fits into the picture. That is just one of those things that I accepted.

I am totally lost on the Easter situation. I believed for many years that I must have had some chapters missing from my Bible. I started looking at other Bibles and sure enough, they were just like mine. Nowhere in there does it mention a rabbit. I can go along with an Easter Angel but not Peter Cottontail. Why did they pick an animal that does not lay eggs, then use eggs as the symbol. I am so confused. I think credit should be given where credit is due. It is not fair for the chicken to do the work and the rabbit to get the credit! It would have worked out just as well with a chicken anyway.

Here comes Peter Feathertail
Strutting down the chicken trail.
Struttity, strut, strut
Easter’s on the way.

We are asking for trouble if we do not show proper appreciation. The chickens may quit laying eggs at Easter. I heard Santa is already losing some of his elves to Keebler. They did not get enough credit and he expected them to support a family of elves while working only one month a year. Rumor on the street is they enjoy the hollow trees much more than the North Pole. It is much warmer and they get all the free cookies they can eat.

Well, if I do not see you on Easter Day…go ahead and hide the eggs…..




Today is Easter Sunday, for many of our readers.


Any conservative who watches or attends any Atlanta Braves games, or any other baseball games is a fool.  How many Black owners do you see ?


Delta has a woke CEO, how many Blacks, Browns, Yellows, and Reds are on your Board of Directors ?  Read the law Ed Bastain.

Scroll down to the first Fred Lucas question in writing.

Mr. Bastain—let every stock holder vote for the corporate board/officers—it won’t happen.  OPEN YOUR ELECTIONS AT DELTA TO EVERY STOCK HOLDER.


Bastain hates equality.


The Canine Editor:  Where did you get transcripts of the White House dogs, LL?

White House Anonymous Cat:  I have an anonymous source.  Here is a little history of the dogs, Joe doesn’t remember.

As you can see Joe has already taught Major how to lick women’s hair.   Major doesn’t like the chain on his neck.  For our dog lovers here is one type of age chart.

TCE:  Is Major, the rescue new addition dog, happy at the White House, WHAC?

WHAC:  Champ the 12 year old dog says Major is more psychotic than Nancy Pigleosi without a pint of Southern Comfort liqueur for breakfast and a couple of Oxycontin for lunch.  He tripped Joe a few months ago, and has bitten 2 White House employees.

Champ said that Major was going back to Delaware one way or another.

TCE:  Won’t they put him in a cage ?

No, he said all the dog cages East of the Mississippi River were sent to the border to lock the kids up.  He pooped in front of the Diplomatic Room on Wednesday.

He keeps talking about Cujo, and Jack London’s book Call of the Wild.

TCE:  Is it true that he only bites Black people ?

My anonymous source at CNN is circling back on that.

TCE:  Are there any secret things that Biden and Dr. Jill do ?

Everything is bubble-wrapped in the residential area.  It must be a foot deep in the main areas.  Biden plays the tape about Obama being clean and well spoken, and the one with Hillgal barking like a dog all the time.  For our older readers it’s like Muzak in elevators or for background music.  After a few floors you were hoping the elevator would crash.

The worst thing is trying to find a safe place to sleep.  These two jokers might fall on you at any moment and kill you.  Joe fell on Major and broke his foot a few months ago.  Champ sleeps under various tables in the Lincoln Bedroom. AL Sharpton has reclaimed it since the whitehouse was invaded by dems again.

Get your devices here, and try to be good.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

In, Through, and Beyond Saturn’s Rings
Image Credit: Cassini Imaging Team, ISS, JPL, ESA, NASA

Explanation: Four moons are visible on the featured image — can you find them all? First — and farthest in the background — is Titan, the largest moon of Saturn and one of the larger moons in the Solar System. The dark feature across the top of this perpetually cloudy world is the north polar hood. The next most obvious moon is bright Dione, visible in the foreground, complete with craters and long ice cliffs. Jutting in from the left are several of Saturn’s expansive rings, including Saturn’s A ring featuring the dark Encke Gap. On the far right, just outside the rings, is Pandora, a moon only 80-kilometers across that helps shepherd Saturn’s F ring. The fourth moon? If you look closely inside Saturn’s rings, in the Encke Gap, you will find a speck that is actually Pan. Although one of Saturn’s smallest moons at 35-kilometers across, Pan is massive enough to help keep the Encke gap relatively free of ring particles. After more than a decade of exploration and discovery, the Cassini spacecraft ran low on fuel in 2017 and was directed to enter Saturn’s atmosphere, where it surely melted.

Tomorrow’s picture: remaining wisps