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99.44 % SURE



“Don’t kid yourself. The guilty verdict on all charges against Derek Chauvin has zero impact on BLM.

They are just busy reloading.

Very shortly,  they will be back on their Street Mission of Destruction, with PINO Biden and VPINO Harris’ approval.

Because Black Knives Matter!”




Quit calling the cops, and handle it yourself.  The media wants the cops defunded—they also want the high ratings from looting and fire coverage.  Handle the problem like the Wildcat Guy.


Lose 30 pounds and do it.

They probably have an Ebola or Bubonic Plague death.


We should buy Maxine Polluted-Waters a Tesla.

It’s good to find wisdom.


Update Editor:  How do you keep up with the news, LL ?

Spelunker Cat:  I do like CNN and MSNBC, I make most of it up.  Here is where the dems in Congress meet to draw up impeachment articles.  Today, a tunnel is the closest thing to a cave.

Maxine should be indicted, and cool her high heels in this jail.  Biden should be impeached for dereliction of duty.

This plane from WW 2 flew through a time warp from 1943.

If you leave your door open ( border ) you deserve what you get.

A work of nature.

CNN is losing viewers, but their parent company ( AT&T ) can subsidize them forever.

At least this officer killed two scums.

This is where Maxine, Nancy, Hillgal, Bill, Biden, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Feinstein, Kamala, Pocahontas, John Roberts, Andrew Cuomo , Chris Cuomo, Bezos, Dorsey, the Board Members of Disney, Comcast, AT&T, CBS, Apple, all on -air commies of the mentioned media, need to be.  Last but most of all anyone spreading the 1619, and Critical Race FECES.

Any people who would elect this 4 letter word HOR member deserves for their country to crash.  Maxine has been getting her reparations for years.

Favorite Movie Quotes

“We rob banks.” Bonnie and Clyde, 1967

“Plastics.” The Graduate, 1967

“We’ll always have Paris.” Casablanca, 1942

“I see dead people.” The Sixth Sense, 1999
Fun fact: When Haley Joel Osmet says this line the camera goes to Bruce Willis’s face. This is a cinematic clue that Bruce Willis’s character is dead.

“Stella! Hey, Stella!” A Streetcar Named Desire, 1951

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Planet Earth at Twilight
Image Credit: ISS Expedition 2 Crew, Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, NASA

Explanation: No sudden, sharp boundary marks the passage of day into night in this gorgeous view of ocean and clouds over our fair planet Earth. Instead, the shadow line or terminator is diffuse and shows the gradual transition to darkness we experience as twilight. With the Sun illuminating the scene from the right, the cloud tops reflect gently reddened sunlight filtered through the dusty troposphere, the lowest layer of the planet’s nurturing atmosphere. A clear high altitude layer, visible along the dayside’s upper edge, scatters blue sunlight and fades into the blackness of space. This picture was taken in June of 2001 from the International Space Station orbiting at an altitude of 211 nautical miles. But you can check out the vital signs of Planet Earth Now.

Tomorrow’s picture: Planet Earth at Night