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ON MY SOAPBOX…White Pride, You Damn Right…I am loaded with it



Do you remember the good old days? You looked forward to your hard earned vacation from work. So did I. After ten years, you may have earned two whole weeks of vacation. You and the family could go and enjoy a little rest and relaxation, or R & R, as we called it.

I hate “R” words more than I hate the “F” word nowadays.

The new R words are not rest and relaxation any longer.

They are RACISM and REPARATIONS. I am sick of hearing them both.

The democrats and MSM have worn the R key off their keyboards, so they switched from Racist to White Supremacist.

By definition, I am not a Racist or White Supremacist. But….I am one of the most Proud White People you will ever find, anywhere at anytime. I am so proud of my Heritage and my Ancestry.

Just to put the “cherry on top” I am also a Republican. WOW!  A good “R” word. YEAH!!!

I love saying it and typing it.

Republican, Republican, Republican.

White Republican, White Republican, White Republican.

Proud White Republican, Proud White Republican, Proud White Republican.

Being  Proud White Republicans does not mean that we had everything.

For example, we did not have slaves. We did not even have the pointy white hats with matching sheets. Proud White Republicans did not want or own them.

BUT the Democrats did.

I have many reasons to be proud of my White heritage. You have probably read the following link before…well, do me a favor…click on and read it again….You Can Be A Proud Whitey too!



This is great….

Gonzalez Gonzales

You may remember Gonzales Gonzales from John Wayne movies. He provided comedy in Rio Bravo, Hell-Fighters, and several other Wayne movies. This video shows where he got his start.

He innocently appeared as a contestant on ‘You Bet Your Life’ with Groucho Marx. As the questioning continued, it got funnier and funnier. Groucho took advantage of the situation based upon audience laughter.

John Wayne happened to be watching the show and contacted him after the event. John Wayne insisted he play himself in the movies. Gonzales became a popular character in JW movies.




Trump has a website.  When contacting make sure you complete Share Your Thoughts:  Either Donald or Melania. Prefix is Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., or CNN Fluid.


Don’t be an April Fool by believing anything from the media.


The dems are getting us ready for Biden to leave.  They don’t want us to worry over losing such a strong President.


This is Pigwoman Nancy’s, Dianne Feinstein, and  Kamala’s hog wallow-state.

I can’t keep up with the important news.  Biden’s dog has tried to kill another White House employee.  Those Cujo genes keep surfacing.  They say it is a “nip.”  Nip is a slur against the Japanese.


The Supremes agree that American citizens have no control over GOVERNMENT FELONS, CROOKS, AND CORRUPT FBI.


America is still sinking, like the Concordia.

We know Bowser and the MSM are lying Dung Beetles.–euphemism-for-carjackings-nowadays-n2587023


It’s White Privilege.

Here is another recall on hand sanitizer.


The Question Editor:  Are you still convinced of the crashing of America, LL ?

There Is No Question Cat:  Anyone who sees/hears an impartial news item can see for themselves.  I just report the trash for our readers who are too busy to sort through the MSM lies, and for my own entertainment.

A small mess and a large one.  The Cuomo building project is probably a 100 Billion dollar screw-up he has caused to his construction/banker/union buddies.

A read bump.

It’s an old mystery.

I hope Karma visits Pig woman today.

This song is from America to the dems.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Rocket Launch as Seen from the Space Station
Video Credit: ISAA, NASA, Expedition 57 Crew (ISS);
Processing: Riccardo Rossi (ISAA, AstronautiCAST); Music: Inspiring Adventure Cinematic Background by Maryna

Explanation: Have you ever seen a rocket launch — from space? A close inspection of the featured time-lapse video will reveal a rocket rising to Earth orbit as seen from the International Space Station (ISS). The Russian Soyuz-FG rocket was launched in November 2018 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, carrying a Progress MS-10 (also 71P) module to bring needed supplies to the ISS. Highlights in the 90-second video (condensing about 15-minutes) include city lights and clouds visible on the Earth on the lower left, blue and gold bands of atmospheric airglow running diagonally across the center, and distant stars on the upper right that set behind the Earth. A lower stage can be seen falling back to Earth as the robotic supply ship fires its thrusters and begins to close on the ISS, a space laboratory that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018. Astronauts who live aboard the Earth-orbiting ISS conduct, among more practical duties, numerous science experiments that expand human knowledge and enable future commercial industry in low Earth orbit.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space