ON MY SOAPBOX…White Pride, You Damn Right…I am loaded with it



Do you remember the good old days? You looked forward to your hard earned vacation from work. So did I. After ten years, you may have earned two whole weeks of vacation. You and the family could go and enjoy a little rest and relaxation, or R & R, as we called it.

I hate “R” words more than I hate the “F” word nowadays.

The new R words are not rest and relaxation any longer.

They are RACISM and REPARATIONS. I am sick of hearing them both.

The democrats and MSM have worn the R key off their keyboards, so they switched from Racist to White Supremacist.

By definition, I am not a Racist or White Supremacist. But….I am one of the most Proud White People you will ever find, anywhere at anytime. I am so proud of my Heritage and my Ancestry.

Just to put the “cherry on top” I am also a Republican. WOW!  A good “R” word. YEAH!!!

I love saying it and typing it.

Republican, Republican, Republican.

White Republican, White Republican, White Republican.

Proud White Republican, Proud White Republican, Proud White Republican.

Being  Proud White Republicans does not mean that we had everything.

For example, we did not have slaves. We did not even have the pointy white hats with matching sheets. Proud White Republicans did not want or own them.

BUT the Democrats did.

I have many reasons to be proud of my White heritage. You have probably read the following link before…well, do me a favor…click on and read it again….You Can Be A Proud Whitey too!



2 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX…White Pride, You Damn Right…I am loaded with it

  1. The White Republicans work and pay our taxes so that the Democrats can give away FREE STUFF to some of those whom do not want to work but live off the welfare system, and keep giving birth to more of the same. Now we are taking on a new bread all those coming across the Southern Border. We now must to take care of them to. Things keep going like they are and I will not have a home, or car, but I am just a white Republican. They will not give a rats ass about me. I could just die on the curb and they will keep on giving out FREE STUFF to all those who can not even speak English, or those that Speak Ebonics.

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