Clever Policeman

When a Budweiser Clydesdale gets loose



I am only sending this for educational purposes.
Very enlightening —— very!!!!
I feel so much more intelligent now!



Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, is raising the price.  He is worth $184,000,000,000  ( that’s BILLION ).

The Daytona 500 is today.  Remember the pull-down ropes on the garage doors aren’t nooses.


This looks like democratic sanctuary cities/states–you make your problem with different rules/laws for different people and bitch about the outcome.  Kamila should not even have been there.

This should energize the R’s, but don’t get lazy.

Why don’t Americans peacefully shut down D.C. ?  Cars work as well as trucks, you just need more.  Use the Porsches on this ship.

The Second Amendment is OK in Oklahoma.

Texas’ ID law works, what about that !!!   Let’s let anyone who says they are Pigleosi, have access to her bank account.


After 50 years trying to figure out how the economy works, Janet stumbles upon the secret.

James Webb takes a selfie.


Joe forgets about Justice Clarence Thomas.


The Heredity Editor:  Who are your topics for today, LL ?

Ancestry Cat:  Who do you think is the father of Ronan Farrow ?   Ronan is in the middle–Frank Sinatra on the left–Woody Allen on the right.    Woody looks like Nancy Pigleosi to me.

Does Justin Trudeau remind you of anyone ?  I think Fidel gave Margaret Trudeau a tour of a sugar cane field.  Justin even has the Communist Gene.

Has Pigleosi been experimented on ?

Here is Nancy and her Democratic Troop.  They screw up every house they enter.

Like sand…..The MSM are a big soap opera.

The Conservatives should do it their way–Russia collusion was a lie, Kavanaugh rapes were a lie, Ukraine phone call was a lie, Mueller Report was made up, 2 impeachments were based on Pigleosi lies, many COVID 19 treatments were dismissed as useless-when they weren’t, now Russia is invading Ukraine—what make believe crisis is next ?


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Aurora Over White Dome Geyser
Image Credit & Copyright: Robert Howell

Explanation: Sometimes both heaven and Earth erupt. Colorful auroras erupted unexpectedly a few years ago, with green aurora appearing near the horizon and brilliant bands of red aurora blooming high overhead. A bright Moon lit the foreground of this picturesque scene, while familiar stars could be seen far in the distance. With planning, the careful astrophotographer shot this image mosaic in the field of White Dome Geyser in Yellowstone National Park in the western USA. Sure enough, just after midnight, White Dome erupted — spraying a stream of water and vapor many meters into the air. Geyser water is heated to steam by scalding magma several kilometers below, and rises through rock cracks to the surface. About half of all known geysers occur in Yellowstone National Park. Although the geomagnetic storm that caused the auroras subsided within a day, eruptions of White Dome Geyser continue about every 30 minutes.

Tomorrow’s picture: barred spiral