The Biden Family

Why is this not being publicized everywhere?

I think it is time for a GOOD OLD AUDIT of our American Checkbook, what do you think? There are plenty of new political crooks who should be filling those cells of the released criminals.

-Sheila Tolley-



I wish things were this optimistic.

After using violence to make Trump look bad, the dems are now a law and order party  ( I almost forgot–walls don’t work ).  PUUUULEEEEZZE——we need karma.

Russia says they are self-sufficient.  America is dependent on China for survival.  Thank you, Federal Government.

Trump is right again.  I hope the next ” R ” President has learned enough to clean-house.  Get letters of resignation from every top official that is likely a dem/traitor.

I wonder how many of the traitors involved in the 2016 attempted overthrow of The Presidency, will go to prison to protect Hillary & Obama.  Hillgal came out of her rat hole too soon.


This is getting close to the Nancy Pigleosi family tree.


It’s true.


The Royal Editor:  What’s up with Queen Elizabeth, LL ?

The Consort Cat:  Not much, she just said that Charles’ wife could be a consort.  It is just a polite title, much like Stacey Abrams is the Governor of Georgia, or Hillary is the smartest woman in the world.  Here are some links.

Camilla will have no authority.  The Queen wishes she had Joe’s powers, but not his somewhat challenged mental condition.

One of her associates, Trudeau from Canada, is as mentally challenged as Joe.  He is a commie.

This is an old story, about a king, that would make a great movie.  If David had an infinity-pool 600 feet high he could have just tossed Uriah The Hittite off.

This could be one of the songs.



When you need a friend….

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Terminator Moon
Image Credit: NASA, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, SVS; Processing & Copyright: Jai & Neil Shet

Explanation: What’s different about this Moon? It’s the terminators. In the featured image, you can’t directly see any terminator — the line that divides the light of day from the dark of night. That’s because the image is a digital composite of 29 near-terminator lunar strips. Terminator regions show the longest and most prominent shadows — shadows which, by their contrast and length, allow a flat photograph to appear three-dimensional. The original images and data were taken near the Moon by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Many of the Moon’s craters stand out because of the shadows they all cast to the right. The image shows in graphic detail that the darker regions known as maria are not just darker than the rest of the Moon — they are flatter.

Tomorrow’s picture: eroding sun tower