Budweiser does it Again! Extended Version…



This is wonderful news.


Nancy’s 25 person limit won’t even allow for the dozens of Chinese spies working for HOR, and the Senate.

Stacey will represent you well.  I bet she is somehow involved in the private security firm.

Joe and Sinema are patriots.

Inflation means the dollar is losing value every day.

The NFL family is having problems.  This is the first racism article in 5 years where Trump isn’t mentioned.

BLM has been a scam since the media anointed them as saviors of humanity.  The cancel-culture is the same.

Los Angeles/California elected officials break the code to kill any COVID variant.  Hold your breath.


Science or almost science for today.


Maybe this is good news.  UPS or FedEx would be the supply-chain.


The Last Frontier Editor:  What is going on in the cosmos, LL ?

Big Bang Cat:  The Big Guy has had a family rift.

A Musk rocket will hit the moon.

This is what the Earth needs.  It would sort things out again.

Our Hubble replacement is almost ready.

BLM is a scam.

Were Neanderthals just early humans ?

All drugs should be legal. If you can’t grow them, just buy them at the White Privilege Store.

In sanctuary locations you could steal them, until the store closes, then you can complain about not having neighborhood stores.

Trump vows to make the wall higher.  He might even give illegals the SAT tests that are no longer used in America.

You are a target everywhere you go, or don’t go.

This is like trying to locate all the HOR members in an opium den.  Spot Lois Lion in the second link.




Astronomy Picture of the Day

Symbiotic R Aquarii
Image Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO/R. Montez et al.; Optical: Data: NASA/ESA/STScI, Processing: Judy Schmidt (CC BY-NC-SA)

Explanation: Variable star R Aquarii is actually an interacting binary star system, two stars that seem to have a close symbiotic relationship. Centered in this space-based optical/x-ray composite image it lies about 710 light years away. The intriguing system consists of a cool red giant star and hot, dense white dwarf star in mutual orbit around their common center of mass. With binoculars you can watch as R Aquarii steadily changes its brightness over the course of a year or so. The binary system’s visible light is dominated by the red giant, itself a Mira-type long period variable star. But material in the cool giant star’s extended envelope is pulled by gravity onto the surface of the smaller, denser white dwarf, eventually triggering a thermonuclear explosion, blasting material into space. Astronomers have seen such outbursts over recent decades. Evidence for much older outbursts is seen in these spectacular structures spanning almost a light-year as observed by the Hubble Space Telescope (in red and blue). Data from the Chandra X-ray Observatory (in purple) shows the X-ray glow from shock waves created as a jet from the white dwarf strikes surrounding material.

Tomorrow’s picture: our fair planet