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Joe’s Chinese name is Joe-lo

Olympic News.  FYI, I don’t support anything Eileen Gu does.  The Olympics are represented by countries.  She was born in America and is skiing for China–stay there.


This is a great Olympic scandal–love those ruskies.


This is funny.  Try them and lock them up.

Herschel will make a good Senator.

Maybe the new Washington NFL team name should be the Gropers, instead of our suggestion the Commies.


Kemp decided to help out America.

Tucker is doing his share.


The Boomers didn’t need friends.


How To Win Friends Editor:  Do you have information on how to help our loyal readers develop personally, LL ?

For Sure Cat:  Be a winner, that is one step to being bona fide.

If you change my Lord to The Chinese you can sing along like Congress people while the Wharvey Girls sing.

Try these suggestions.

See if this helps you get through the day.

These might also help.

The White House, They Say, and Reports Say are the biggest waste of letters in America.  Anonymous would be just as good.  Our HHS Secretary performed better than Transportation, Pentagon, Judicial, and every other department.  The problem is none are bona fide

Join BLM and get out of the house.  Maybe you can learn the basics of running a company/non-profit.

This will help get those emotions in balance.




“If you got it….it came by TRUCK.

Elon Musk throws spotlight on Canadian truck convoy with tweet: 'Here's a nice photo of trucks' | Fox Business

If you did not get it…it is on a cargo ship in the Biden/Pelosi/Jinping Soup in the Pacific Ocean.”
-Sheila Tolley-

Astronomy Picture of the Day

IC 342: The Hidden Galaxy in Camelopardalis
Image Credit & Copyright: Daniel Feller

Explanation: Similar in size to large, bright spiral galaxies in our neighborhood, IC 342 is a mere 10 million light-years distant in the long-necked, northern constellation Camelopardalis. A sprawling island universe, IC 342 would otherwise be a prominent galaxy in our night sky, but it is hidden from clear view and only glimpsed through the veil of stars, gas and dust clouds along the plane of our own Milky Way galaxy. Even though IC 342’s light is dimmed and reddened by intervening cosmic clouds, this sharp telescopic image traces the galaxy’s own obscuring dust, young star clusters, and glowing pink star forming regions along spiral arms that wind far from the galaxy’s core. IC 342 may have undergone a recent burst of star formation activity and is close enough to have gravitationally influenced the evolution of the local group of galaxies and the Milky Way.

Tomorrow’s picture: light-weekend