Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day……

“This one day advance notice may keep some men out of trouble. Personally, I do not take Valentine’s Day too seriously…..but I understand that tradition forces many to comply with Cupid’s Rules.

Be careful, the Valentines shown below are not good for your significant others. Your insignificant others? That is a different story.”
-Sheila Tolley-

“I have never understood why the ever-so-overused-poem states that Violets are blue. Violets are violet. Bluebells are blue.”

– Sheila Tolley-

Image result for picture of bluebells flower


Shut Up And Dance With Me….(Full Screen It)…You Will Thank Me

I believe there is an
unwritten law that “John Travolta should stay forever young.”

-Sheila Tolley-


Justin Trudeau Castro tests positive…..

Some old, Some new, Enjoy.