Sounds Of Silence

I am so thankful for our Military….I LOVE them.
These Sounds of Silence fill me with pride and bring me to tears.
God Bless America!

-Sheila Tolley-

I have decided to go and sit on my front porch and wait on Jesus to come back…

Fifty years (one half century ago) Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show was my absolute most favorite band. Cover Of The Rolling Stones, Sylvia’s Mother, Queen Of The Silver Dollar, etc., they were, and still are, MY BAND. I followed them from vinyl, through 8-track and cassette and now (fifty years later) I have their music on  compact discs in my car.

My E-Friend reminded me of one of their songs yesterday when she compared PINO Biden’s administration and asinine choices to one of Dr. Hook’s songs. The song is Freakin’ At the Freaker’s Ball. I cannot quit laughing at her perfect analogy.

I think this would be the perfect song to open Incompetent Joe’s  State of the Union address in March.

The link sent by my E-Friend is shown under the song below. After opening that link, I’ll bet you will agree that this is the perfect song for Old Joe & The Gang.

-Sheila Tolley-

I Thank You, my E-Friend!


Some old, Some new, Enjoy.