The America First people should put an explanation point on this by voting.

I’m not surprised, he yells wolf all the time.


You might run into Senator Hirono.


The Puzzled Editor:  What is your title about, LL ?

The Crazy Cat:  Understanding people.  It is almost always just guessing.  I think this is the answer for many decisions.  I’m using sanctuary cities as an example.  People vote for politicians that let teachers mutilate their children, watch their teenagers get killed daily, and let their schools graduate young adults who are functionally illiterate.  The adults are getting taxpayer benefits to offset these obscene consequences to their children or maybe it is this.

They can’t think through how they wound up uneducated, poor, and with no hope for themselves or their children.

Maybe the elected people are just as morally debased as the people who continue to put them in office.

Don’t be surprised when you get what you want and/or deserve.  Remember actions speak louder that words.

The Pelosi’s are a good example of a morally depraved family.  The Senate is a partner in Nancy’s crimes.

A tribute to Don Ho.

The Queen was a prankster.  Do you remember when Hillgal stopped for lunch while campaigning and the waitress didn’t recognize her ?

The Queen also loved America more than half of its citizens.


Sand might be a help.

The Murdaugh Diary.  It’s hard to believe, a crooked, dope pushing, gang leader, killer attorney.  He should be in DC.


Who gets Elizabeth’s tiaras and corgis ?

Another approved death from an open border–Nancy and the dems are as quiet as an Italian Ambassador.

I hope home is a short walk.

Did you expect anything more from Big Member Lightfoot ?  Chicago is a killing field.

Biden lets the Supremes decide everything he signs.

I quit believing the MSM, it’s 99 percent lies and 1 percent dung.

This happened during the hysterical days after Trump’s election.  Do you remember the NASCAR nooses that turned out to be ropes used to pull garage doors down.  FJB and them all.

Current lies.

Let’s close with a POS, with a victim attitude.










Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Long Snaking Filament on the Sun
Image Credit & Copyright: Alan Friedman (Averted Imagination)

Explanation: Earlier this month, the Sun exhibited one of the longer filaments on record. Visible as the bright curving streak around the image center, the snaking filament’s full extent was estimated to be over half of the Sun‘s radius — more than 350,000 kilometers long. A filament is composed of hot gas held aloft by the Sun’s magnetic field, so that viewed from the side it would appear as a raised prominence. A different, smaller prominence is simultaneously visible at the Sun’s edge. The featured image is in false-color and color-inverted to highlight not only the filament but the Sun’s carpet chromosphere. The bright dot on the upper right is actually a dark sunspot about the size of the Earth. Solar filaments typically last from hours to days, eventually collapsing to return hot plasma back to the Sun. Sometimes, though, they explode and expel particles into the Solar System, some of which trigger auroras on Earth. The pictured filament appeared in early September and continued to hold steady for about a week

Tomorrow’s picture: waving space lizard