Listen to the animals….



She might want to see if she had her ” son ” chemically or surgically neutered when he was 6 years old.


Martin was a rascal.  The National Lampoon reported years ago that it was ” 95 Feces “.


Ranked Choice Voting Editor:  Can you explain Ranked Choice voting, LL ?

The Best Hacker Cat:  I sure can.  First of all, with electronic voting the candidate with the best hacker, or best crook counting the votes wins.  Let’s assume that the ballots are paper, it is so much easier.  Here is a general explanation.

This is general info on the 8-16-22 Alaska elections.

Here are some ranked-choice places to move.

Here is a ranked-choice all girls school that wants to remain that way.

This sounds like Biden and his kill Republican speech.  Putin isn’t as evil.


The DOJ and Biden are repulsive Dung Beetles.


If Republicans get the HOR in November they should not approve ANY bill that doesn’t remove the clause in a previous law that says the social media can’t be sued.


Tomato products might be in short supply, before you can say vote Democratic.

What a joke.

You need a balanced budget—states are currently sucking the federal budget deficit teat.

The criminal DOJ is trying to keep Trump from running for office.

Ice  caves.

Be careful with rubbing alcohol.

Lawyers are lining-up to get this case.

Who is perfect ?



Astronomy Picture of the Day

Sea and Sky Glows over the Oregon Coast
Image Credit & Copyright: Rudy Montoya

Explanation: Every step caused the sand to light up blue. That glow was bioluminescence — a blue radiance that also lights the surf in this surreal scene captured in mid-2018 at Meyer’s Creek Beach in Oregon, USA. Volcanic stacks dot the foreground sea, while a thin fog layer scatters light on the horizon. The rays of light spreading from the left horizon were created by car headlights on the Oregon Coast Highway (US 101), while the orange light on the right horizon emanates from a fishing boat. Visible far in the distance is the band of our Milky Way Galaxy, appearing to rise from a dark rocky outcrop. Sixteen images were added together to bring up the background Milky Way and to reduce noise.

Tomorrow’s picture: space cliffs