Paper ballots are the most secure.

Newsom can almost taste Air Force One.


Mediocrity killed cursive writing.

The Queen’s Electronic Diary is found.


The Enormous Editor:  What is our big news, LL ?

The Fat-Cat:  This might be very important when it reaches The Supremes.

A record breaker is closing.

This bill will give the MSM total control over information and more lies with no danger of monopoly charges.

Big Business has Big Money to protect their Big Profits.

The Southeast should be prepared for some bad weather.


This causes hate speech: Democrats stirring up their members who don’t follow the real news, TV shows that are race-baiting, and the MSM continually repeating the lies.

This cop should be Biden’s driver.


Let the sanctuary city/state fools kill themselves.  The government is worried about global warming and keeping their gravy-train jobs.  The Xylazine problem has been known since 2014.

After 6 years of sanctuary policies, a rich guy gets robbed.  Nothing will change until some major companies leave or politicians become victims.

Filthydelphia is also a liberal beacon for criminals–vote for the dems.

NYC has gone vigilante, everyone for themselves.

San Fransicko is next.

Tips on flying.

It might be identified with woke.

There is no end to anything sanctuary.

Stolen from Lois Lion…A Happy Story

In these days of Gloom & Doom, it is refreshing to find
A Happy Story.

In case you missed this in yesterday’s edition of The Sphinx, click on the following link. It is encouraging to know there are still some people who share their blessings with others.





Astronomy Picture of the Day

DART Asteroid Impact from Space
Image Credit: ASI / NASA

Explanation: Fifteen days before impact, the DART spacecraft deployed a small companion satellite to document its historic planetary defense technology demonstration. Provided by the Italian Space Agency, the Light Italian CubeSat for Imaging Asteroids, aka LICIACube, recorded this image of the event’s aftermath. A cloud of ejecta is seen near the right edge of the frame captured only minutes following DART’s impact with target asteroid Dimorphos while LICIACube was about 80 kilometers away. Presently about 11 million kilometers from Earth, 160 meter diameter Dimorphos is a moonlet orbiting 780 meter diameter asteroid Didymos. Didymos is seen off center in the LICIACube image. Over the coming weeks, ground-based telescopic observations will look for a small change in Dimorphos’ orbit around Didymos to evaluate how effectively the DART impact deflected its target.

Tomorrow’s picture: 24 sunrises