Astronomy Picture of the Day

Interstellar Voyager
Poster Illustration Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, Voyager

Explanation: Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 were launched in 1977 on a grand tour of the outer planets of the Solar System. They have become the longest operating and most distant spacecraft from Earth. Both have traveled beyond the heliosphere, the realm defined by the influence of the solar wind and the Sun’s magnetic field. On the 45th year of their journey toward the stars Voyager 1 and 2 reached nearly 22 light-hours and 18 light-hours from the Sun respectively and remain the only spacecraft currently exploring interstellar space. Each spacecraft carries a 12-inch gold-plated copper disk with recordings of sounds, pictures and messages. The Golden Records are intended to communicate a story of life and culture on planet Earth, preserved in a medium that can survive an interstellar journey for a billion years.

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Maybe he could get someone else to play for him–sort of like Pigleosi letting someone stay at home and another person casting their vote.

The Mick died too soon.


It’s about time.  The entire federal government endorses the changes.


The What An Idea Editor:  What are some great ideas, LL ?

Have a Soda Pop Cat:  Here is an idea gone astray, much like America’s current situation.

This is a great idea.  Keep the 2 million illegals ( this year ) in the sanctuary cities.  Joe wants to use Amtrak to ship them to America First states.  The Amtrak article is a repeat.

This was a great idea for a few people, let’s hope the BLM/Antifa/LGBTQAI +/pronoun people are a fad.  There is one thing for sure, ” that would be groovy “.

A great decision, after years, when the facts are finally released: the school boards and teachers are responsible for many of the school shootings–just like Uvalde, where a door lock wasn’t repaired.  Trump or DeSantis would be a great President.


The Queen had a good life.


This is the bill the dems want to give the MSM, Google, Twitter, Apple, etc. control over everything you do with government protection of their monopolies.  They will censor everything.


Check your smoked salmon.

Good news.



Let’s hope this is the dems at midterm.

Bezos can’t afford solar panels without partners, sad.  The same company must make the batteries for Ford.

Mexicans hate Americans.

The dems would support him if he was in a coma.

Chock a tire.

The transcrap is just that.  Elect people with some ethics.

Who cares ?

Keep electing the same people and keep getting your children killed.


Good Ones