I have sent this tribute out to my friends and contacts, every year,  since the terrible tragedy of September 11, 2001. I hope you will forward this post.

 Much like the Kennedy assassination, it was such a shock that people remember where they were when hearing the terrible news. We watched as people jumped to their death rather than be burned alive.

Time has a way of diminishing tragedy and sorrow. In this case, I hope every American remembers 09/11/01. It was such a horrible day for our country.

These horses were taught to show reverence for America as they bend a knee with The Statue of Liberty shown in the background.

(Unlike PINO Joe Biden and his gang of Democrats/Socialists/Communists who constantly promote condemnation, hatred and division for our country.)

From A Proud MAGA Republican
-Sheila Tolley-


(Even Better With Full Screen and Speakers On)




They need a self-driving rocket.


What national debt ?


The Be Wealthy Editor:  What is compound interest, LL ?

Answer Cat:  Here is one answer.

It can apply to most things in life.

The only thing you should put on a credit card is what you can pay when it is due.  Handy tips.

Credit Karma has a good site to keep track of your credit rating.

Watch those cards.

This is a technology update.

Facebook has no idea what data they have on Americans or where it is stored.  Try Peking, China.


A movie review.


Thanks to loyal reader R.W. for reminding us that everything we do, on many devices, goes directly to China.  Our government passed the law.

Apple keeps prices about the same.  Their data probably goes directly to China.  Joe says there is no inflation.


This spoiled brat has a persecution racial problem and a sorry attitude.$5-shot

A new view.

Disney Pedo. World is probably higher.

Kathy is a worse skank than Cuomo.

So long Nancy, arrivederci, “ciao, ciao,”.

You can not go wrong speaking Arrivederci when you want to say “Goodbye.” It is the formal saying of “ciao, ciao,” which means declaring goodbye to your classmates or family friends.

The bizarre Davies diary.

A lobster tiff.

Let’s get a good opponent for 2024.