I have sent this tribute out to my friends and contacts, every year,  since the terrible tragedy of September 11, 2001. I hope you will forward this post.

 Much like the Kennedy assassination, it was such a shock that people remember where they were when hearing the terrible news. We watched as people jumped to their death rather than be burned alive.

Time has a way of diminishing tragedy and sorrow. In this case, I hope every American remembers 09/11/01. It was such a horrible day for our country.

These horses were taught to show reverence for America as they bend a knee with The Statue of Liberty shown in the background.

(Unlike PINO Joe Biden and his gang of Democrats/Socialists/Communists who constantly promote condemnation, hatred and division for our country.)

From A Proud MAGA Republican
-Sheila Tolley-


(Even Better With Full Screen and Speakers On)

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